10 Characters From The Wizard of Oz Who Should Appear In The Lies of P Universe

“Lies of P” ends with a surprising link to “The Wizard of Oz,” suggesting that another beloved children’s fairy tale will be turned into a mechanical nightmare. Here are 10 Wizard of Oz Characters Who Should Appear in the Lies of P Universeand how.

Dorothy Gale

Post-credit scene “Lies of P,” Dorothy
Image source: Neowiz Games and Round8Studio

Let’s start with the character we already know will appear. The protagonist of “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy Gale, is a young girl from Kansas who, along with her loyal terrier Toto, is kidnapped by a villain to the land of Oz.

The post-credit scene positions Dorothy as another key to eternal life that Paracelsus and the alchemists were searching for. We only see her legs and the famous red shoes in the short clip, so there’s a real possibility that Dorothy is a puppet in this universe or even has a prosthetic arm like Pinocchio. Be that as it may, Dorothy will play an important role in the upcoming story.

The Tin Man

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Chapter 5
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenberg

The Tin Man fits incredibly well into the world of Lies of P and would feel right at home in the doll-filled streets of Krat. He would be a perfect mirror for Pinocchio as they both search for their humanity. With some good writing, a boss fight between the two could be as emotional as it is difficult.

He could be equipped with a large axe, which players could unlock as a unique weapon. Drawing further parallels between the two, the Tin Man may be searching for his own heart-like P-organ and trying to take Pinocchio’s, desperate for the abilities it grants.

The cowardly lion

The Cowardly Lion with Dorothy and Toto, L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenberg

The Cowardly Lion could appear in Lies of P as a member of the Stalkers, the mercenary group that wears distinctive animal masks in the base game. Lies of P used these characters to adapt some of Pinocchio’s key animal characters, notably the Mad Donkey, the Red Fox, and the Black Cat; and could repeat the trick for The Wizard of Oz.

As his name suggests, the Cowardly Lion may be a previously unknown member of the Stalkers who was in hiding during the events of the main story. He only appears to avenge his fallen compatriots, wearing a disturbing lion mask.

Winged monkeys

Winged monkeys from The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenberg

These enslaved servants of the Wicked Witch of the West could offer players a fun new challenge as they encounter a rare flying enemy in Lies of P. The winged monkeys could be a common enemy that is good for Ergo farming, but is a difficult group to deal with.

Neowiz and Round8 would have to be careful that these enemies don’t become annoying as they fly around the player. Perhaps the winged monkeys are particularly vulnerable to Pinocchio’s legion arm. The Puppet String could pull them out of the air into range of the player’s blade. They could be redesigned to fit well with the aesthetic of Lies of P and make a unique looking puppet enemy.


Wheeler from Ozma of Oz
Image source: L. Frank Baum and John R. Neill via Project Gutenburg

The 1985 film Return to Oz traumatized a generation of children with its adaptation of the Wheelers. The Wheelers, who debuted in the third novel Ozma of Oz in 1907, are humanoid creatures who travel on all fours. Their limbs are awkwardly long and they have wheels instead of hands and feet. Your wheels are crazy and screechy, sounding like rusted metal scraping against your eardrums.

They would become a truly annoying opponent in Lies of P. This army of failed alchemical experiments patrolling the streets of Krat would be fast and long-range, requiring nerves of steel from Pinocchio.

Glinda the good witch

Glinda and Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz, Chapter 13
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenberg

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, is a character who guides Dorothy on her journey through Oz. She points out the wizard and the Emerald City and gives her the magical slippers that eventually take her home. The 1939 film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz combined the Witch of the South and the Witch of the North from the novel into one character.

In Lies of P, the Good Witch could play a similar role to Sophia, the game’s adaptation of Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy. Players go to Sophia to spend Ergo and improve Pinocchio’s stats, and she revives him after his death. Glinda could play a similar role, but as an NPC she focused on more magical elements of gameplay. For example, providing resources and upgrades for Fable Arts.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard and the Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenburg

The impostor who rules the land of Oz, the Wizard of Oz, is tracked down by Dorothy and her friends as they search for a way home. It could make for an interesting two-phase boss fight. A Lies of P DLC or sequel could feature the wizard as a final boss.

The battle began in the wizard’s emerald throne room and could take various forms. a reference to his various disguises in the original story. Afterwards, a dramatic reveal of the Wizard’s hot air balloon could lead to a final climactic battle aboard the ship as the Wizard attempts to escape the city. Here too I was inspired by Baum’s novel.

The Wicked Witch of the West

Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, The Wizard of Oz
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenburg

The Wicked Witch of the West would obviously be a major boss fight in a Lies of P. expansion focused on the Wizard of Oz. This evil, green-skinned witch does not play a major role in the book series after the first novel. Despite her power, she often relies on hordes of animals, including wolves and winged monkeys, to do her bidding.

Her obsession with the ruby ​​slippers (which were originally made of silver in the novel) leads her to pursue Dorothy across the land of Oz. She is also known to be aquaphobic and melts when touched. Therefore, Lies of P’s boss fight against the Wicked Witch must end in exactly this way.

Tick ​​tock

Dorothy and Tik-Tok in Ozma of Oz
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenburg

Tik-Tok, the character, not the social media app, debuted in Ozma of Oz alongside the Wheelers. Considered by some to be one of the first robots in literature, Tik-Tok is a chubby clockwork man who acts as Dorothy’s servant and protector. While he doesn’t show any emotion in the novels, Tik-Tok’s cheerful appearance reminds me of Catarina’s Onion Knights from the Dark Souls series.

Therefore, perhaps Tik-Tok could take inspiration from him and appear as a loyal companion in a Lies of P DLC or sequel. Not only would this add a bit more levity to the dark city of Krat, but Tik-Tok could also be another good parallel to Pinocchio thematically as the two team up to help Dorothy.

The Scarecrow

Scarecrow and the Wizard of Oz
Image source: L. Frank Baum and WW Denslow via Project Gutenberg

At the end of the novel The Wizard of Oz, the Wizard gives the Scarecrow the crown of the Emerald City. Despite his lack of physical brain, he is considered one of the wisest men in Oz and is a trusted advisor to the eventual rulers of the Emerald City.

I imagine the Scarecrow plays a very different role in Lies of P than Dorothy’s other companions. Instead of an enemy or boss fight, she could appear as an NPC who has important lore that connects the worlds of “Lies of P” and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

When Lies of P was first announced, the central concept of a Pinocchio-themed soulslike seemed ridiculous. The game received positive reviews and added further dimensions to the subgenre. So much so that Dorothy and the rest of the cast of The Wizard of Oz don’t seem so crazy in the Lies of P universe. Further information on this Lies from Pcheck out the articles below.

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