10 Iconic Romantic Love Interests on TV, Ranked

Romance and love form the cornerstone of many television shows. Over the years, romantic relationships between characters in sitcoms, dramas and fantasy series have become iconic due to their breathtaking dynamics. Most importantly, the charismatic and magnetic love interests in these shows captured viewers’ attention and made them invest in these romances.

However, not every one of these popular TV love interests has been healthy for their partners. Characters like Chuck Bass gossip Girl and Damon Salvatore the Vampire Diaries They were exciting to watch, but not exactly the nicest people. As do others like Mindy Lahiri The Mindy Project and Jessica Day of New girl grew and fed themselves and also their partners.

Chuck Bass dealt with love in a problematic way

gossip Girl

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gossip Girl was famous for the Upper East Side scandals, but the relationships took center stage. Chuck and Blair were one of the most shipped TV couples, but they could be toxic, mostly because of Chuck. He treated Blair like his property, which meant shaming her, trading her for hotels, and publicly humiliating her by sleeping with her sworn enemies.

Chuck’s love for Blair was portrayed as passionate and stormy, but was at all times very unhealthy. He couldn’t do the bare minimum for Blair, but he expected the highest from her. His redemption in the show also seemed hollow and a bit delayed.

Ted Mosby was a “nice guy”

How I Met your mother

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How I Met your mother followed Ted Mosby’s pursuit of love as he went through a series of girlfriends to get to the woman he eventually married. However, after a while, fans realized that Ted was trying hard to look like a nice guy while being quite monstrous to the women he dated.

Ted dated Robin for a while, and then when Barney wanted to date her, he objectified Robin and gave Barney “lessons” on how to woo her. This included revealing personal information that she had confided in Ted. Ted also treated Stella, Victoria, and Maggie unfairly, even calling women derogatory names like “Slutty Pumpkin.”

Damon Salvatore has never respected Elena’s free will

the Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore was not only the most charismatic character, but also the most controversial the Vampire Diaries. He was extremely charming, but the way he behaved towards women was appalling. Damon had a habit of coercing women and using them like blood bags and servants, and he did the same with Caroline and Andie.

Elena was the catalyst for his big redemption arc, but Damon still had a toxic dynamic within him. He often forced Elena to do things she didn’t want, such as force-feeding her blood so she wouldn’t die, and even broke her brother’s neck in front of her. They had conflicting values, which is why Damon wasn’t a good fit for Elena.

Lady Mary Crawley was hot and cold

Downton Abbey

Due to the Crawleys’ financial difficulties Downton Abbey became one of the most romantic shows on Prime Video. The relationship between Matthew and Mary was a slow-burn romance that emerged after inheritance issues, a military enlistment, and another engagement. However, Mary’s love for Matthew could be quite conditional.

Although Matthew got the best of her, she initially lost him because she burdened him with money. When it looked like Matthew wouldn’t be the heir to the estate, she was ready to dump him. Only later did she realize his value and her generosity brought them together. She was hot and cold with a man who loved her very much.

Mr. Darcy was a contradictory hero

pride and Prejudice

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Few other romantic heroes have come close to reaching the highest levels of fame achieved by Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy in the BBC series pride and Prejudice. Fitzwilliam Darcy was sullen and mean at first glance, repulsive to the free-thinking Lizzie Bennett. His attempts to separate Jane and Bingley also left a sour taste in her mouth.

However, seeing Mr. Darcy in love was a heartwarming event. Realizing his mistakes, he rushed to correct them in every possible way. His thoughts turned into actions on the show, which made him even more attractive. His enthusiasm for Elizabeth was impotent, but his emotional distance made him less desirable.

Pam Beasly was sweet but confused

The office

There was no question that Pam and Jim had great chemistry, but fans forgot that Pam was already engaged to Roy when her flirtation with Jim began. She had been treated badly by Roy, but didn’t have the self-awareness to realize that her friendship with Jim was anything more than platonic.

Pam tried her best to be fair but ended up hurting herself and Jim. Nevertheless, Pam was a loyal and committed partner to him when they managed to get together. She had problems with Brian the boom guy and Jim’s frequent business trips, but Pam sorted everything out with some compromise and communication.

Anthony Bridgerton grew into a better man


The second part of Bridgerton The focus was on the eldest member of the family of the same name, Anthony, and his journey to find true love. As a teenager, Anthony was burdened with the responsibilities of his family and had some questionable ideas about who he should marry and what his duties were. In his misery he found companionship in the worst people and situations.

However, meeting Kate Sharma changed his life. He began to believe in true love and corrected his actions to be worthy of it. Anthony continued to evolve and grow, making him one of the top romantic Netflix show favorites.

Chandler Bing was the ultimate supportive partner


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Chandler and Monica’s ship remains one of the most famous in television history. Chandler’s love for Monica was endless Friends and is based on a solid foundation of friendship. He was completely committed to her, adapting and growing with her, raising a family and living happily ever after.

Chandler accepted all of her flaws and her past with Richard and supported her unconditionally. He had been through a lot of trauma as a child, but Chandler worked on himself to become a great partner and build a lasting future with Monica.

Mindy Lahiri was an understanding person

The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri longed for a fairytale love from the start, and it was refreshing to see how realistic she was about her desire for it. She developed the perfect romantic arc from enemy to lover with Danny, but Mindy was always the more stable, flexible and compliant partner in the relationship.

Mindy did everything she could to live up to Danny’s rigid beliefs, even defying his demands that she become a housewife if she became pregnant. Mindy had a lot of patience and was her best for Danny, even when he didn’t do the same.

Jake Peralta was sensitive and loving

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago formed one of the healthiest, most non-toxic couples on TV. Brooklyn Nine-Nine had the best of comedy and romance thanks to Jake Peralta, who started out as Amy’s professional nemesis. However, there was always an underlying tone of respect and affection between the two that came through in every interaction.

When they were together, Jake became Amy’s biggest cheerleader. He pushed her to take the sergeant’s exam, even if it meant she would be his boss, and gave her a safe space to talk about her traumas. Their dynamic was loving, safe, and comfortable, and Jake was the ultimate feminist partner anyone could have.

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