A mass outbreak of special Eevee attacks Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players may be shocked to find an onslaught of adorable Eevees in the game this weekend. A mass outbreak is planned soon.

Eevee is an extremely popular Pokémon and has been since its debut in the very first generation of the series. In Japan there is even an officially recognized important day.

Eevee Day technically takes place on November 21st, but The Pokemon Company has announced some planned celebrations ahead of time. Pokemon Sleep is getting its own special Eevee week, but there’s more.

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Many thanks to the dedicated people at Serbia We now know that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is getting its very own Eevee Tag event. However, Eevee Weekend is probably more appropriate as it runs from November 17th to 20th.

The core of the event will be mass Eevee outbreaks in Paldea and Kitakami for those with the Teal Mask DLC. That’s right, flocks of Eevee will roam throughout the region.

The Mass Eruption increases your chances of finding a Shiny Eevee or two, allowing you to complete your Eeveelution collection. You also have an increased chance of receiving special grades.

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Eevee in Paldea will have the notes Nervous, Intense, or Intellectual, while their Kitakami counterparts will have the notes Rowdy, Excited, Calm, or Insecure. These markings give your Pokémon unique titles and make them stand out even more.

Finally, there will be a new seven-star Tera raid with a souped-up Mighty Eevee. These Eevee bear the Most Powerful Mark and are sure to be a prize among trainers in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Lair of EeveeThe Pokemon Company

Prepare to see a lot of these little guys this weekend.

So stock up on Poké Balls and your best Shiny Sandwich ingredients and prepare to hunt down as many of these little suckers as you can.

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If you need to brush up on your Masuda Method or just want some general tips on how to prepare for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Eevee Weekend, we have a number of guides to help you out.

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