All bracelet charms in Alan Wake 2

In “Alan Wake 2” you will discover and have at your disposal a variety of different stimuli. These spells modify many of the game’s systems in specific ways, creating the opportunity for less conventional playstyles or helping to compensate for any weaknesses you discover in your playstyle as you explore the world of Bright Falls.

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These effects can range from affecting the amount of health you can have to changing the amount of damage they can deal if left undetected. In this way, pendants are an essential tool.

This list ranks all of the amulets that can be discovered in the game from most useful to least useful. However, as always, certain amulets are more useful for different types of players.

1 Logan’s charm

Alan Wake 2 Large Captured walking through a wooden wall with a large shovel in his hand.


Acquired at the start of the game


Improved health

The effect of Logan’s spell is straightforward, making it perhaps the most common of all the spells in the game. Equipping Logan’s Amulet will, to put it simply, increase your health.

More health means a better chance of survival and a larger safety net when (or rather, when) you find yourself in a difficult situation. It’s not too flashy, it’s not too complex, but it serves its purpose and helps across the board. What more could you want than that?

2 Lantern charm

Alan Wake 2 Saga Anderson fights a monster with a flashlight and a gun


Between Bunker Woods and the Wellness Center


Additional flashlight fee

As in the original game, the flashlight in Alan Wake 2 is an integral tool and one of the main ways to interact with the game world, be it in exploration or combat. This is because the flashlight is both a weapon and a tool and can take out all sorts of enemies with the light it provides.

Therefore, the aptly named Lantern Talisman increases the maximum charge the flashlight can achieve, making it a useful and potentially essential choice.

3 Valhalla nursing home charm

Saga Anderson approaches the cult hideout on the docks in Watery in Alan Wake 2


Beach north of the ranger station


Increase the effectiveness of painkillers and trauma pads

If you’re injured in Alan Wake 2, you’ll have several options you can rely on to get back on your feet and get back into the fight. Various items such as painkillers and trauma pads allow you to manually restore health damage sustained in the heat of battle.

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Thus, the Valhalla Nursing Home Charm makes these items even more useful by increasing the amount of lost health that these two items restore. Take stock, heal, and live to fight another day.

4 Deer charm

A Taken who wants to attack Saga in Alan Wake 2


Near the radio tower at the deer carcass


Increased sway resistance

In combat, it often happens that you are staggered or otherwise interrupted by the onslaught of enemies and their attacks. The deer trailer is particularly useful in such situations. The Deer Talisman, as you may have guessed, increases your resistance to being staggered by enemies and makes them more resilient to attacks.

If you are easily overwhelmed in battle, you should consider equipping this talisman. This, combined with other spells such as Logan’s spell, will go a long way in alleviating combat problems.

5 Lighthouse charm

Saga stands in a dark forest, the only light is a flashlight and a lamppost.


On the beach north of the lighthouse


Increases health restored in safe havens

As you explore the world of Alan Wake 2, you will occasionally come across places that are considered safe havens. These places are an opportunity to take stock, rest for a moment, heal if needed, and generally recover before moving on.

With the Lighthouse Talisman equipped, these already invaluable areas become even more helpful by increasing the amount of health you can recover in them. For those who don’t find this a problem, it may be better to leave this spell out in favor of another.

6 Coffee World Token Charm

During the music sequence, Alan reaches for the flare gun on the desk next to the typewriter.


The fish cleaning station near the dock


Increases the quality and quantity of resources

In a game like Alan Wake, inventory is everything. The core idea of ​​the survival horror genre is careful management, planning and execution. The right tool is everything.

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The Coffee World Token Charm can help simplify this cycle by generally increasing the amount of resources found as well as their overall quality. If you are the type of player for whom resource management often causes stress, consider equipping this talisman and reap the rewards.

7 Deerfest charm

The Cynthia boss fight in Alan Wake 2


At the trailer park


Increases the time it takes for the Shield of Darkness to begin regenerating

On the way in Alan Wake 2 you will always come across enemies who are protected by a so-called darkness shield. This shield requires the use of light, primarily from the flashlight, to weaken the shield before further damage can be caused.

The Stagfest spell increases the amount of time before the Shield of Darkness begins to regenerate, giving you more valuable time in which to finally strike down the enemy.

8th Hammer charm

Saga aims her shotgun at three enemies, who are repelled by a flash of red light as a song plays.


A picnic table at Cauldron Lake


Increased chance of staggering enemies

In all combat situations in Alan Wake 2, certain actions and tactics provide the opportunity to temporarily stagger an oncoming enemy. Using the Hammer spell will cause this amazing effect to occur more often.

Simply put, your attacks have a higher chance of staggering enemies. This can be useful to give yourself more breathing room, time to reposition or reload, or a chance to escape. If you prefer to tackle your problems head on, this could be a spell worth considering.

9 Kalevala Knight Amulet

Alan Wake uses a flare


At the birdhouse in Streamside


More powerful hand torches

One element you’ll come across a lot in Alan Wake 2 is the humble hand flickering. Not only is this item a staple in any player’s arsenal, but the Kalevala Knight’s charm makes its use even more useful.

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The hand flares work similarly to a grenade: when used, the flare creates an area of ​​light effect that scares and damages enemies. The Kalevala Knight’s spell extends the duration of the beacon and increases the size of the area of ​​effect.

10 Anchor charm

Alan gets out of his car to get to the overlap that leads to Deerfest, who strikes the same pose with a gun and flashlight as on the cover of the first game.


At the shipyard


Focusing the flashlight beam has a chance to stagger enemies

Similar to the Hammer spell, the Anchor spell provides a slightly more situational or perhaps “tactical” effect. When you focus on enemies using the flashlight beam (or boosting), there is a chance that this action will temporarily stun the enemy.

This is a common tactic in the game, but requires time to individually focus on a specific enemy to potentially achieve a stun, perhaps at the expense of other threats that may be lurking. This might be suitable for some play styles.

11 Mr Drippy Charm

Saga walks towards the red overlap in the pond, flashlight aimed at it.


At the Latte Lagoon in Coffee World


Increases damage when health is low

The Mr. Drippy spell provides a more situational effect, but you may still find it useful. When equipped, the Mr. Drippy Talisman increases the damage you can deal when health is low.

Because it requires already low health to use, this talisman is more of a safety net than a dedicated tool that can enhance other playstyles. However, for some players this may be invaluable, and it still plays a useful role.

12 Coffee cup charm

Four coffee cup charms in Alan Wake 2


Can be found in multiple locations


Survival packs a killing punch but breaks with use

What the humble coffee cup pendant represents is a simple hope: the chance for another try. When equipped, any attack that would normally be fatal will bypass you, saving you from defeat. On the other hand, after this vital recovery, the spell will finally break.

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What you are left with is a choice; a risk versus a reward. This makes the coffee mug pendant in some ways an even more extreme version of the Mr. Drippy pendant. Is it worth it? Only you can decide.

13 FBC charm

Saga Anderson explores a flooded bunker in the Overlap in Alan Wake 2


In the ranger hut


Increases damage before detection

The FBC Talisman is the ideal choice for sneak attacks and therefore can only be used in certain situations where you already have the upper hand. Once combat begins, the spell no longer has any effect.

However, it increases the damage you can deal to enemies before they are detected. This makes ambush tactics an even more effective choice, but only up to a point. However, often a little foresight can make all the difference in the world.

14 Mayor Setter Charm

Mayor Setter found in Watery in Alan Wake 2


Obtained by petting Mayor Setter


Shows the location of all collectibles

When a significant portion of the game is completed, you may find yourself in possession of the Mayor Setter Talisman. Even though this spell doesn’t provide any real tangible gameplay benefit, it still helps those looking for treasure.

Once you have the Mayor Setter Talisman equipped, you will be shown the locations of all collectibles on the map. For those in search of these collectibles, equipping this amulet will be a great convenience, but for those who have no interest in it or a tendency to let their locales spoil, it will be of little value.

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