All buffs, nerfs and changes in VALORANT Patch 7.10

VALORANT Patch 7.10 will be available on the live servers on November 14th and deadlock mains will finally have something to celebrate as Riot Games improves the Sentinel Agent.

Deadlock struggled regardless of his rank VALORANT. The Sentinel agent was introduced in June and was not once selected by professionals VALORANT Champions 2023 still had a lot of playing time among casual players. The Patch 7.10 buffs for Deadlock should increase her popularity at least a little, as they are quite significant.

On top Deadlock buffsThe VALORANT The developers also made a change to Jett and made Team Deathmatch-only changes to Reyna and Fade. Here’s everything that changes VALORANT after patch 7.10.

Deadlock buffs

Cypher and Deadlock look at footage of a new area in LA.
Hopefully these improvements will make Deadlock more popular. Screenshot via Riot Games

The deadlock buffs are all about their GravNet (C) ability. Now anyone caught by GravNet must manually unmesh to remove the effect, rather than waiting for the effect to expire or move out of the mesh radius.

“We believe this unlocks a unique power profile while making the interaction more interesting for both sides, as enemies must unequip their weapon and make noise to deal with the debuff,” Riot said in the Patch 7.10 notes. “Furthermore, we increased Deadlock’s ability to execute more reliably by increasing its radius while ensuring that agents like Jett and Raze cannot trivialize getting caught in it with their mobility.”

Now GravNet’s removal time is 1.5 seconds, a noticeable increase from the previous 0.85 seconds, and the radius has been increased from six meters to eight meters.

Jett’s change

Riot has also optimized Jett’s third-person animations while her ultimate Blade Storm (X) is equipped. This change should improve your understanding of Jett’s movements when running or throwing knives.

Nerfs for Reyna and buffs for Fade in Team Deathmatch

VALORANT's Team Deathmatch mode in action on one of the new custom maps.
Reyna was a threat in TDM. Image via Riot Games

Riot continues to improve the TDM experience as the game mode is relatively new, having launched in June. With this in mind, the developers determined that two of Reyna’s abilities were too OP in TDM and hit her with the nerf hammer for that mode only.

Reyna’s Leer (C) now has a cooldown of 51 seconds instead of 44 seconds, as the ability is too powerful compared to enemies and has no effect on allies. Reyna’s ultimate Empress (X) also loads 14 percent slowerTherefore, players are forced to prioritize bullets in order to use the ultimate faster.

As for Fade, Riot has determined that the Agent needs a buff in TDM, as it’s harder to get the most out of her utility in that mode. The developers have reduced the cooldown of Prowler (C) from 44 seconds to 36 seconds and the cooldown of Seize (Q) from 51 seconds to 48 seconds.


Riot only fixed a handful of bugs in patch 7.10 this time around, but some of them are significant as they affected agents.


  • Fixed a bug where reverb was not applied correctly to some sounds, including gunshots and footsteps.
  • In some situations, Viper’s Pit (X) would not correctly block the view of enemies on the minimap or megamap. This has been fixed.
  • Fade’s Prowler (C) has also been modified here. Riot has fixed issues with the ability to pass through certain objects.

Player behavior

Riot fixed an issue where the Report button text was displayed VALORANT was truncated for the Arabic language when players accessed the Player Report menu.

Performance updates

Riot has added presets to the stats page VALORANT.

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