All zombie types in MW3 – strengths and weaknesses

Zombies are the bread and butter of MWZ and there are many different types of them. Here are their strengths and weaknesses for your reference.

Every type of zombie in MW3

Whether you’re exploring low-threat areas to gain experience or mastering high-threat areas, you’ll want to know what each type of zombie can do and how to kill them with ease. Some zombies only need a few shots to kill, while others need multiple shots to bring them down. So let’s start with the basics.

Standard zombie

These zombies are weak and serve as fodder for most weapon types. Her biggest Strength is their ability to overwhelm your team in large numbers. They are also quite tough when shot in the upper body.

What a weakness, If you want to kill them efficiently, use weapons with large magazines that deal explosive damage or have cone-shaped areas of effect. Shoot them Head kill with one or two shots.

Armored zombie


These zombies function the same as a normal zombie, with the only difference being that they have armor. Armor means they need even more shots to kill. So an improved weapon will help take them down. Her Strength is their sheer tankiness and ability to blend into the standard zombie horde.

Her weakness is that their numbers are small and they are still an ordinary zombie. If you shoot them with high damage bullets, they will quickly disintegrate.



These zombies aren’t exactly your standard. They are dogs and they run on two four-legged friends and do their best Strength their high mobility. Additionally, they tend to charge at you in packs, making these dogs quite dangerous to deal with if you are unprepared. Even after they are killed, they will explode and damage you if you are too close.

Her biggest weakness is that they are extremely frail and in poor health. They can be killed with almost anything in just one or two shots, even in close combat.



Mimics are elite zombies that do not normally appear in the wild. Instead, you will almost always find an impersonator that has been turned into an Aether Chest, making it the largest Strength the element of surprise. They usually don’t take their true form unless you try to loot the chest. Be careful while doing this because these zombies will grab your teammates and hold them if you are not careful.


Her biggest weakness The lack of any ranged ability makes it very easy to fly them out, even if you’re alone. They’re also not particularly sturdy for an elite zombie.



Crawler zombies are smaller than your average zombie because they crawl on the ground instead of crawling wood towards you. Depending on the activity you are doing, there can be numerous of them, but they are almost always found in infested buildings. Her biggest Strength Your small stature forces you to aim a little lower than your average zombie. They also do significant damage to you when they get close to you because they explode when they get close to you.

Her biggest weakness is their fragility and leash. Crawlers only take a few shots to take down, and you can easily escape from them if you stray too far from their infested location.



Manglers are elite zombies who carry energy cannons on their left arm. They are one of the more dangerous types of zombies as they have access to a ranged attack that does a lot of damage over a large area. However, her biggest Strength is how bulky they are. They move fairly quickly, are armored, have great health appeal, and are not easy to capture for off-road kiting.

The one main thing weakness They also have their range. They rely heavily on their cannon to deal damage to you, but you can easily outpace their range if you have room to maneuver. Ideally, you want a blaster to track someone so that it never attacks anyone.



Disciples are elite zombies who command the horde of zombies to follow their orders. Primarily, these are buffers that give strength to a zombie in the area. They float around and occasionally attack you with a tether-like beam that deals damage. Her Strength is their defense. You are constantly surrounded by zombies, making them difficult to kill. In addition, they constantly stay away from you and are therefore difficult to reach.

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Her biggest weakness is their lack of attack power. They’ll do a lot of damage to you if you can get them to attack at all. However, they do not have many of the unique attack abilities that other elite zombies have. This means that if you can isolate them from the horde, they will become food.

Mega abomination


These monstrous, towering zombies are absolute powerhouses that seem virtually unstoppable. They rarely appear in the high threat zone and bring a horde of zombies with them. Her Strengthen are numerous. First, they are by far the longest lasting zombies in MWZ and can deflect most fire with ease. They have a huge pool of health, deal huge damage, are quite fast and extremely aggressive.

The only real thing weakness The thing about these things is that their size makes them an easy target for literally every type of weapon in the game. I highly recommended Your squad will have all the wonder weapons on hand before deciding to attack this beast, and I recommend luring it to an active lock tower nearby if you can.

As I find more zombies to document, I will have them here for your further information. There is no point in going into the exclusion zone without having all the information at hand.

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