Alternate Universe Differences in NG+, Explained

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Starfield allows players to truly explore the universe and carve out their own place in the grand scheme of things.

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One thing Starfield allows players to do

What is New Game Plus?

The Starfield character continues the main story in The Lodge instead of going through Unity.

New Game Plus (NG+) has become popular in many games. In Starfield, NG+ works a little differently. You can replay the game in NG+, but also experience different alternate realities of the game. Here’s a breakdown of how to do this.

How do you get different alternate universes?

A ship loses its shield and attacks another

Every time you reach Unity in the game, you enter a new version of reality. This reality is decided at random, so you never know which version you’re going to get into at the start.

If you want a particular reality, save before committing to it. This will allow you to reload the save if you don’t like the one you entered.

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What alternative universes are there?

The lodge view from outside

There are 10 different alternate realities (11 if you count the reality that is identical to the original reality) that you can find in Starfield. Here are all the available realities.

Alternate universe


How do you get artifacts?

Where is the constellation?


This is just a normal version of reality set in an alternate universe.

You are the same as the original version of reality.

Constellation remains the same. (Some members May be killed before you meet them.)


This is a version in which they believe that members of the constellation were turned into plants.

You still have to collect all the artifacts.

In fact, Constellation has retreated and Noel will be at the lodge to give you instructions on how to obtain the artifacts.

Bad you

In this version, you are evil and have taken over Constellation.

You have to kill evil and collect artifacts.

You turned evil and killed everyone in Constellation except Sarah.

Several yous

Here you appear in a universe full of you.

The different Dus in this universe will give you the artifacts.

You have taken over Constellation and the many different versions of you from the various alternate universes are running the organization.

Zealot Andreja

In this reality, Andreja is a Zealot of House Va’ruun and has taken over Constellation.

You have to kill Andreja to get the artifacts. If you have the Snake’s Hug trait, you can convince her to give it to you.

Andreja took over Constellation along with other Zealots and destroyed them all.

Merchant Walter

In this version, Walter is at the lodge selling the artifacts.

You must pay Walter 100,000 credits to obtain the artifacts. If you have the Industrialist trait, you can convince him to give it to you. Otherwise you will have to kill him.

Walter has taken over the organization and is selling the artifacts.


Here Vasco is alone in the lodge.

Vasco will tell you where the artifacts are.

The hunter has already killed everyone except Vasco.

The hunter

The hunter awaits you at the lodge.

The hunter will give you the artifacts.

Everyone in Constellation was killed by the hunter.

Stand down

You are already in the lodge and can be recruited.

You will collect the artifacts as before.

Everything is the same except that you are already a member.


There are kids at the lodge who pretend to be Constellation.

The children give you the artifacts.

Everyone else in Constellation is dead and you are the last member.

Starborn Cora Coe

In this version, Cora Coe has joined the Starborn.

If Sam Coe didn’t die in the original universe, she will give you the artifacts. When he dies, you have to kill her.

Cora Coe took Starborn to the lodge and everyone in Constellation disappeared.

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