An Airbnb renter invited a homeless man over for a good time

While trying to clean his Airbnb, a homeowner discovered a man hiding under a bed. The story of why he was there is truly incredibly wild.

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Before Airbnb became mostly weird and gross, I stayed in some pretty interesting places. I once booked a room in an old mansion in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During the Civil War, the property was used as a makeshift hospital for men injured in battle. There was nothing I wanted more than to see the ghost of an old saw blade floating through the dark hallways. Unfortunately I didn’t do it.

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What I have never encountered is an intruder in an Airbnb. With so many people coming in and out of a property, it stands to reason that an unwanted guest is not uncommon. I’ve always been suspicious of a changing door code, even though it’s usually the last four digits of the tenant’s phone number. Things got strange for two Airbnb renters when they discovered a man hiding under the bed of one of their properties. Was this a Goldilocks situation? I bet the bed itself was more comfortable.

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This is very scary!

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Is that a man under your bed or are you just happy to see me?

Luis Lopez passing by @ricanluis went on TikTok to clean his Airbnb rental when he noticed something or someone under one of the beds. In the 31 second TikTok, a shape is visible, although it is not immediately clear that it is a person. All we can see is a lighter on the ground next to the mysterious mass.

In three follow-up TikToks, Luis and his partner go into detail about the events of that day. In Part 1Luis explains that the male tenant met the homeless man under the bed on a dating app. “We knew exactly what dating app it was,” said one of the owners. I guess it was Grindr.

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The unhoused person revealed that the two used MDMA and crystal meth together, but Luis and his partner quickly realized that wasn’t all they were doing. When the owners cleaned the bathroom, they discovered human feces in the sink and on the soap dispenser. They also found a brush used to clean dishes and a plunger, both full of feces. The conclusion is that these may have been used in anal play.

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To be clear, the owners were not judging them for their sexual interests, but rather for the fact that these things were given to them to clean. Apparently they threw these items away. The owners called the police, who, after turning the bed over, handcuffed the unaccommodated man. He was “so drugged” that when asked questions he could only nod his head, either “yes” or “no.” The bed squatter “didn’t deny that he was doing drugs and didn’t deny that he was having sex,” Luis said.

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It was clearly time to hear the other side of this story, so Luis and his partner reached out to the tenant, who confirmed that he had indeed let the homeless man into the Airbnb. According to him, “He gave him a place to stay for the night. He was homeless. I told him to leave at 11am. I know I should have told you. If he doesn’t leave, call the police. I was just a nice person. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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Ultimately, the homeowners decided not to press charges because the homeless man didn’t actually break into their rental property, Luis explained Part 2 of this saga. Other than the mess made, nothing was damaged. Since the Airbnb is in a gated community, they alerted security guards to the situation. They told them to keep an eye out for the homeless man as he would be trespassing at that time.

Ultimately, the owners did not feel comfortable having him arrested as it could have serious consequences on his life. “I no longer felt the need to harm him when he was already injured,” one owner said. In Photos that Luis took of the unaccommodated man Standing next to a police car, he looked more shocked and embarrassed than anything else.

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Finally, the owners have increased security. They always change the door code between guests, but this time they also changed the WiFi password and ordered cameras.

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The homeowners also reached out to Airbnb Security Time to see if the renter would be allowed to continue using the app. At the time of writing this article, we have no response, although Airbnb has launched its own investigation into the matter. “There is nothing more we can do at the moment,” said one owner, who noted that the safety of his guests has always been his top priority and he has done everything he can.

In one third TikTok, Luis and his partner jumped back in and explained why the homeless man had chosen to stay, aside from the obvious reasons. He hid under the bed because, as he put it, he wanted to “use their WiFi.” He added that he had nowhere else to go and had to go online to plan his next move. Hopefully his next step is to a place where he can support himself and doesn’t have to rely on dating apps to find comfortable accommodation. Of course, this is easier written than done.

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