Attack On Titan: The 8 Best Titans of the Past


  • The battle between heaven and earth in the finale of “Attack on Titan” featured numerous iconic and goosebump-inducing moments that captivated anime fans until the end.
  • The Alliance’s encounter with previous Titan shifters such as the Armored Titan, the Serpentine Titan, the Colossal Titan and the Jaw Titan add an exciting and impressive dynamic to the final battle.
  • The Okapi Titan, with its unique design and strategic attacks, proved to be the most difficult and iconic of all the Titans of the past that it encountered during the decisive battle.

The climactic finale of Attack on Titan gave us so many goosebumps and iconic moments that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. From the perspective of the victims of the Rumblings until the final battle between Eren and the united alliance against him, the Battle for Heaven and Earth mobilized anime fans to watch one of the most culturally significant anime finally come to an end.

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Perhaps one of the most impressive moments of spectacle was when the Alliance landed on Eren’s deformed Founding Titan. You will face hundreds of impossible enemies, Titan shifters of the past, each with their own unique appearance and powers. Some of the most iconic and impressive Titan Shifters of the past are on this list.

8th An armored titan

Did more damage to the Survey Corps than Reiner did in nine years

Armored Titan grabs Mikasa

The Armored Titans have always seemed to bark more than bite, initially appearing as an unstoppable force alongside the Colossal Titan in the series’ early episodes. However, across the board, Reiner’s Armored Titan is anything but useful, as he always comes up short, especially after the invention of the Thunder Spears.

However, it is interesting to look at the Armored Titans in the past, with this one in particular hindering the Alliance’s progress at every opportunity. His face reminds the viewer of the design of normal Mindless Titans, but with additional armor and the ability to harden. He managed to slow and shatter Mikasa’s blades as she chased after the Okapi, and was ultimately defeated by Annie Leonhart.

7 Snake Beast Titan

The Snake Titan almost got himself a kill

Snake Beast Titan is about to eat Connie

Of all the Titan shifters, the Beast Titan appears to be the most unique, regardless of what type of individual possesses this shift power. For Zeke Yeager, it was a monkey with a very powerful throw and great aim that made him one of the most versatile Titan shifters in the Warrior unit. However, the Snake Titan that we see for a very brief snippet seems to be the most interesting Beast Titan we’ve seen so far.

Not only was it supposedly quiet and stealthy, but it also nearly consumed Connie while he was disoriented. Captain Levi managed to save Connie, but at the cost of his own leg, with Mikasa delivering the final blow. It would be nice to learn more about the Beast Titans to find out what makes them special compared to other Titans.

6 Colossal Titan (Bertholdt)

The nostalgic return of Bertholdt

Bertholdt's Colossal Titan in the final episode of AoT

It was quite emotional to see old enemies and friends teaming up against a common enemy, especially with the resurrected Titan Shifters who we know suddenly gain consciousness and fight Eren and Ymir. Bertholdt in particular had an emotional reunion with Armin and, after a few apologies, supported the alliance.

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Originally they were mindless titan shifters controlled by Ymir, but through powers we don’t yet understand, they managed to fight for the right cause, and although Bertholdt did some damage, he eventually made up for it by He saved Annie and threw away entire Titans like they were ants to him.

5 Attack Titan (Grisha Yeager)

Grisha’s promise to change the world for the better

Grisha attacks a former Titan

The Attack Titan has always been a symbol of something greater than itself and was initially considered one of the weakest Titan shifters, as it did not have any particularly unique abilities. His ability is later revealed to be probably the strongest of all, and while using it, Grisha even managed to defeat the Founding Titan himself.

Although Grisha was manipulated by Eren using the Attack Titan’s ability to influence the past, he regretted that his actions had directly caused the Rumble. After breaking free from Ymir’s control, he battles Eren and the other shapeshifters with the help of Eren Kruger’s Attack Titan, and they quickly manage to create the opening that Armin needed to defeat Eren.

4 Jaw Titan (Porco)

Porco’s return to rescue Reiner

The Jaw Titan Trio

After Porco’s heroic sacrifice to save Reiner from Falco’s mindless Titan and subsequently turning Falco into a shapeshifter in the fight that preceded the Rumble, fans didn’t think they’d see more of him, especially considering how poetic was his death. Reiner’s rescue also led to his brother’s death, and the guilt surrounding that event still haunted Reiner.

However, revived by Ymir. First, Porco and his brother almost resulted in the death of Jean and Reiner when the Jaw Titan duo approached them. However, after freeing himself from Ymir’s influence, Porco’s Jaw Titan played a key role in stopping the Rumbling, highlighting Porco and his brother’s selflessness.

3 Horned Beast Titan (Tom Ksaver)

The most versatile Beast Titan

The Horned Titan holds Armin

As mentioned, Beast Titans are unique in the personality of the shapeshifter who possesses the beast, and in the case of Tom Ksaver, he managed to get his hands on the coolest Beast Titan yet. Tom Ksaver was Zeke’s mentor and, prior to the events of the series, was the one who pushed the euthanization plan that led to the Rumble. Partial guilt over his role was probably the reason he escaped Ymir’s mind control and fought Eren.

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Although his philosophies were wrong, one could understand his motivations and sympathize with his cause. His horned Beast Titan was only seen in action for a few frames, ramming a shifter, similar to how Reiner rammed the gates of Paradis, only stronger. His beast appears to have had the unique ability to literally charge headfirst into battle.

2 Warhammer Titan Squad

Hopelessness precedes the confrontation with the Warhammer Titans

Several Warhammer Titans about to fight Reiner

The most iconic moment of the final battle, after the Alliance landed on Eren’s spine, was when suddenly, out of nowhere, the task that seemed easy at first was made impossible by the appearance of hundreds of Titan Shifters. Perhaps the most impressive of these was the group of Warhammer Titans, who could summon giant bows and arrows to take down Falco’s Flying Titan.

Each of them possesses the power to craft any weapon they desire, with some restrictions on how often they can do this, but it makes the Warhammer Titans the most versatile of the Nine Titans. They even fought Reiner with swords, and if they had any brains beyond shell, they would have easily taken him down.

1 okapi

The past Titan with the greatest impact on the battle

Attack on Titan: What is Okapi?

The first Titan of the past to appear and cause the most trouble for the Alliance was the Okapi. The Okapi was either a Beast Titan or a Cart Titan, and we can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely based on the beast. He managed to capture Armin without triggering his transformation into a Colossal Titan and suffocated him, foiling the Alliance’s plan to blow up Eren’s founding Titans.

The plan now was to save Armin from the Okapi, and after allies appeared within the former shapeshifters, Armin eventually escaped from the Okapi’s tongue with the help of Mikasa. Of all the Titans of the past, special emphasis has been placed on the Okapi, and many fan theories circulate as to why. However, it was definitely the most iconic of all the Titans of the past and deserves its place at the top.

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