Attack On Titan’s 15 Most Hated Characters, Ranked

Attack on Titan has concluded both its anime and manga after several years, which is certainly a long enough time for people to nitpick the series and its characters. Attack on Titan is full of thrilling narrative developments and unbelievable twists that helped it remain such a suspenseful adventure throughout the series.

Attack on Titan is full of loss and betrayal, which has resulted in many individuals hardening or breaking under the pressure. Further, some characters receive a lot more hate than they deserve, whereas others simply aren’t hated enough. It all comes down to the fandom’s mood at any given point.

Updated on November 14, 2023, by Ajay Aravind: The final episode of Attack on Titan was released on November 4, 2023, bringing an end to the world-famous Titan saga. Eren’s story has finally come to an end, and not everyone is pleased with the outcome. That said, the most despised characters aren’t necessarily evil or problematic. As such, we’ve revamped this list of the most hated characters in AOT.

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15 Erwin’s Final Sacrifice Is Considered Foolish By Some Characters

He Is A Brave Leader Who Could Have Saved The People Of Paradis

Erwin Smith leads the Scouts as they ride to their deaths in Attack on Titan

Being a leader is often not a glamorous position and it’s a lot easier to turn these figureheads into scapegoats whenever something goes wrong. This is part of the problem that Erwin faces, explaining why he’s subject to a lot more criticism than he deserves.

Erwin is a brave leader and his final sacrifice, while considered foolish by some, is one of the most touching moments in the series. Erwin goes out like a true hero, but his tendency to believe that the ends can justify the means makes him one of the most hated characters in AOT.

14 Armin’s Emotional Weakness Explains Why Some Fans Dislike Him

He Later Evolves Into A Capable Leader And Becomes The 15th Commander Of The Scouts

Armin protecting Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan.

Boys who are sensitive or show emotions are often hated as being too weak or pathetic. As such, Armin’s emotional “weakness” is a small reason why he’s disliked by many anime fans. The biggest reason for this reaction is his frustratingly docile nature, not to mention how his cowardly actions are in stark contrast with his incandescent intelligence.

On the other hand, these viewers fail to realize that Attack on Titan intentionally paints Armin as a stereotypically timid character to highlight the extent of his evolution later in the series. All things considered, it’s nearly impossible to hate Armin in the story’s final chapter.

13 Mikasa’s Obsession With Eren Rubbed A Few Fans The Wrong Way

She Could Have Honored Eren’s Memory More By Killing As Many Titans As Possible

Attack on Titan Mikasa

The bulk of Mikasa’s character arc revolves around her devotion to Eren. Her love is so strong that she goes on a Titan killing spree, hoping to die on the frontlines because she doesn’t want to live in a world without Eren.

However, what some fans view as enduring loyalty, others regard as an unhealthy obsession. Considering the fact that she’s an excellent soldier, she could have honored Eren’s memory more by killing as many Titans as possible, rather than turning into a martyr of her own inexplicable feelings for him.

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12 Hange’s Wacky Personality Can Be Occasionally Grating

Their Ultimate Sacrifice Is One Of The Most Iconic Moments In Attack On Titan

Hange in AoT

Hange Zoë’s hyperactive demeanor, disregard for rules and regulations when it comes to the capture of Titans, and overall “quirky” nature is seen by many as a slapdash attempt at injecting humor in a largely morbid series. Making them such a lighthearted character might be essential to the overall narrative, but it most certainly annoyed some of the fan base.

That said, Hange’s ability to appreciate the simpler aspects of life represents an element of earnest humanity in Attack on Titan. Furthermore, their sacrifice in the last few chapters is unquestionably one of the most iconic moments in the story.

11 Connie’s Repetitive Personality Alienated A Sizeable Fraction Of The Fandom

He’s One Of The Most Average Characters That Attack On Titan Has To Offer

Connie Springer from Attack on Titan looking down and sad

The biggest problem with Connie is that he’s just a character who struggles to stand out. He barely gets any screen time, and has a repetitive personality that alienated a sizeable fraction of the fandom. Connie isn’t part of the main trio, nor is he a courageous fighter.

He’s also not exceptionally good-looking or charming, and his backstory comes off as annoying. He spends the bulk of his later character arc whining about his Titan mother, which makes sense but only from his limited perspective. Connie merely exists as one of the most average characters that Attack on Titan has to offer.

10 Ymir’s Betrayal Is Deemed Repugnant By Many Fans

Viewers Still Feel Pity After Watching Her Suffer Such An Excruciating Fate

Much like Annie, Ymir is exposed as a traitor when she reveals her status as the Jaw Titan. This apparent betrayal is deemed even more repugnant in context of all the love and affection she received upon joining the Survey Corps.

Ymir ends up saving Christa’s life at Utgard Castle, but then does a total 180 and sides with Reiner and Bertholdt when they decide to capture Eren. At the same time, fans certainly felt a pang of pity when Ymir was captured, taken to Marley, and fed to Porco Galliard so he could inherit the Jaw Titan from her.

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9 Annie Was Disliked By Many Viewers From The Very Beginning

She Eventually Chooses To Help The Scouts Bring Eren’s Founding Titan Down

Annie Leonhart with a serious expression in Attack On Titan.

Annie was disliked by many from the get-go. As a spy, she successfully maintains her cover for several years by blending in and not arousing any suspicion from her comrades. However, her standoffish nature has the opposite result, explaining why so many cadets in her own group resent her for her alleged arrogance.

Annie’s deeply traumatic past is saddening, but she’s not the only person to undergo loss and suffering in Attack on Titan. She even decides to abandon the final mission, but ultimately chooses to help the gang bring Eren’s Founding Titan down once and for all.

8 Kitz Has Zero Likable Or Redeeming Qualities

He Actually Orders His Subordinates To Fire On Eren, Mikasa, And Armin

Kitz Woermann in AoT

Kitz is one of those characters who has zero likable or redeeming qualities. He’s crass, loud, has a huge ego, and lets his emotions guide his decision-making capacity. If that’s not bad enough, Kitz is an abject coward. He orders his subordinates to fire on Eren, Armin, and Mikasa without even considering the ramifications of his actions.

His recklessness is thankfully stopped by Dot Pyxis, who forces Kitz to stand down and takes charge of Eren’s safety. It’s not that Kitz is a bad person per se — however, he has consistently made poor life and career decisions while expressing zero remorse.

7 Bertholdt’s Cowardice Is Finally Demonstrated Right Before His Death

He Simply Doesn’t Seem To Have The Right Motivations Required To Be A Marleyan Warrior

Berthtoldt before his demise in Attack On Titan

Berholdt’s character could have been a lot better fleshed out; as it stands, fans just can’t stand the sight of him. His first instinct upon encountering trouble is to run to Reiner, expecting his friend to drop everything and protect him. In fact, Bertholdt’s cowardice is finally demonstrated right before his death, as he cravenly begs and pleads for his life.

Fans are given zero information about Bertholdt to make them sympathize with his actions. He also doesn’t seem to have the right set of motivations required for his job as a Marleyan Warrior. In the end, Bertholdt perishes as one of the most irritating villains in Attack on Titan.

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6 Gabi Was Intentionally Designed To Be A Foil For Eren

Her Bratty, Entitled Nature Came Off A Lot More Unlikeable Than Originally Intended

Gabi Braun Smiling In A Trench

One of the most hated characters in AOT, Reiner’s cousin Gabi was designed to be Eren’s foil. That said, many fans were not happy with Gabi’s bratty, entitled nature, as it came off a lot more unlikeable than originally intended. In other words, she’s not half as cute as she thinks.

Gabi is overbearing, disrespectful, domineering, and threatens to punish her fellow Eldians the moment they disagree with her. Her terrible attitude and refusal to accept the reality of the world make her an incredibly hated character, although not nearly as much as certain other individuals in the series.

5 Zeke Doesn’t Appear To Have Any Consideration For His Own Race

He’s Willing To Sacrifice The Eldian Legacy If It Means Protecting The World From Titans

Zeke Hangs Out By The Fire in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is such a satisfying experience for two main reasons: a solid, engaging storyline and highly complex characters who continuously evolve with the story. Zeke’s initially villainous role becomes more intricate when fans learn about his parentage — as Eren’s older half-brother, even the Beast Titan was given the benefit of the doubt.

However, this revelation doesn’t absolve him of his former crimes, including Erwin’s murder. Zeke seeks to remedy the problem by sterilizing the Eldian people, a choice that Eren refuses to make. Fans abhored Zeke’s lack of consideration for his own race, and were delighted when Levi decapitated him in the end.

4 Eren Murders The Vast Majority Of The Global Population

His Friends And Allies Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Cleaning Up His Apocalyptic Mess

Eren’s hot-headed nature is a classic shonen protagonist trope. In this regard, he’s similar to characters like Bleach‘s Ichigo Kurosaki and Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. However, Eren’s decision to trigger the Rumbling and decimate the entire world is utterly despicable, and completely neutralizes every ounce of heroism in his character.

Not only does Eren murder over 80% of the global population, but he essentially forces Armin and Mikasa to clean up his apocalyptic mess. As a direct result of Eren’s actions, his friends probably have to spend the rest of their lives trying to foster a sense of peace and harmony between Paradis and the rest of the world.

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3 Yelena Is Responsible For Starting An Anti-Marleyan Movement

She Abandons Her Heritage By Choosing To Follow Zeke Yeager

Anime Attack on Titan Yelena

Some very dangerous individuals enter Attack on Titan’s endgame, especially humans with zealous and radical ideals. Yelena is a determined revolutionary with Marleyan roots, but she promptly abandons her heritage in favor of following Zeke Yeager.

Yelena is responsible for starting an Anti-Marleyan Movement, composed entirely of yesmen who treat her words like the holy gospel. She exhibits no regret while executing those who oppose her wishes or interrupt Zeke’s grand plan. Yelena’s unwavering conviction towards her cause is what makes her so terrifying and reviled.

2 Floch Triggers A Violent Revolution That Leads To Many Deaths

He Has No Problem Killing Old Friends And Corrupting His Former Values

Attack On Titan Floch

Floch Forster begins as a benign, almost forgettable presence in Attack on Titan, only to transform into a despicable player during the final arc of the series. Floch simply snaps after a lifetime of following orders and becomes one of Eren’s main minions during the Yeagerist revolution.

Floch eventually becomes convinced that Eren’s plans for humanity are the only means to achieve peace. He’s willing to kill old friends and completely corrupt his former values to accomplish these goals. It’s a terrifying metamorphosis, especially given how much purpose Floch acquires in the process.

1 King Fritz Is The Most Hated Character In AOT

He Is Arguably Responsible For All The Horrors Inflicted By Titankind

King Fritz in Attack on Titan.

In a sense, it’s possible to hold King Fritz of Eldia responsible for the entire series of calamitous events that define Attack on Titan. Fritz ruled over Eldia hundreds of years ago, when he enslaved and exploited Ymir’s Founding Titan to conquer the world and massacre his enemies.

Countless innocents perished during his reign, including Ymir, who sacrificed her life to save his. King Fritz may not have realized the sheer pain and suffering that would result from his greed, arrogance, and utter shamelessness, but he’s the reason that Ymir Fritz spends 18 centuries trapped in a nightmarish limbo. As such, Fritz is arguably the most hated character in AOT.

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