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Although the Sidewinder may not be the best battle rifle in Modern Warfare 3, the best accessories and equipment can definitely improve it!

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Modern Warfare 3 brings three weapons into the “Battle Rifle” category at launch. Both the MTZ-762 and BAS-B are good considerations when it comes to battle rifles, as both are very useful in combat. When it comes to SidewinderHowever, compared to the other two, you may be very disappointed.

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The Sidewinder is a battle rifle that you can use you will receive immediately when you reach level 4 in Modern Warfare 3. The Sidewinder sport one of the highest levels of handling for its weapon type, but falls behind in many other characteristics. The Sidewinder has minor damage Considering its slow rate of fire, along with a high recoil and weapon shock. However, with the best attachments, these deficiencies can be mitigated.

Best Sidewinder Modern Warfare 3 Build

Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 3's best Sidewinder build

Our Sidewinder build below is designed exclusively for core multiplayer. Using the attachments listed in the table below significantly improves recoil control while improving accuracy and range – at the expense of mobility and handling.




BORE-490 (mouth)

  • Horizontal recoil control
  • Vertical recoil control
  • Aim downwards at sight speed
  • Aim while idle


  • Shot control
  • Vertical recoil control
  • Aim while idle
  • Shot aim stability
  • Horizontal recoil control
  • Sprint to fire speed
  • Aim downwards at sight speed

MK. 3 REFLECTOR (optics)


  • Shot aim stability
  • Shot control
  • Recoil control

30 ROUND DRUM (magazine)

  • Movement speed
  • Aim downwards at sight speed
  • Reload speed
  • Sprint to fire speed

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Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 3's best Sidewinder perks





Infantry vest

Scavenger gloves

Lightweight boots

Magazine holster

We recommend the above perk package for running Sidewinder. The Infantry vest aims to mitigate mobility losses by increasing your tactical sprint duration – which you can combine with it Lightweight boots to further increase mobility. Scavenger gloves are a must for any class where you quickly run out of ammo. Magazine holster is the final benefit we suggest and aims to reduce the slow reload times that come with extended magazine attachments.

Screenshot showing the Renetti in Modern Warfare 3

A major disadvantage is the Sidewinder’s small magazine size. If this is the case, you should consider switching to a pistol when your magazine is empty. The RenettiThe FTAC Siegeand that X13 car are some of our top picks for the handgun category.

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