Best Decks for Barrels O Fun Event

Today begins the second week of Clash Royale’s new season, introducing the Little Prince as a brand new champion card. The new event shifts the focus from the Little Prince to a new Elixir production systemwhich of course is just a change for this specific event.

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With the new system, automatic elixir production will be quite slow while players get them Elixir barrels that appear on their sideand takes on the role of elixir production for them at a different pace than normal. That’s a pretty interesting change because If you try to destroy the opponent’s elixir barrel, you will receive 4 elixirs all at once, which is a big advantage.

Best Decks for Barrels O Fun Event

Barrels O Fun Best Decks Clash Royale

Before we talk about our suggested decks, let’s talk about some of them Pro tricks the event. The elixir barrels we talked about earlier lose health over time, similar to all other structures in the game. Now if you manage to destroy the opponent’s elixir barrel when it is on the verge of collapse you automatically receive 4 elixir points. Normally that is most efficient way to destroy it is to destroy it The protocol. YYou will spend 2 Elixirs to get 4 Elixirs, which is still a huge win. However, getting the timing right with The Log can be quite difficult, and sometimes you need to save your log for possible Goblin Barrel attacks.

As a result, the Arrows card is one In this case, this is a much safer option, especially when two elixir barrels are next to each other. Targeting them all together will give you 8 Elixirs, which is a huge advantage in the Double Elixir phase.

Deck 1:

  • Electric wizard (Elixir 4)
  • Golden Knight (Elixir 4)
  • Magic archer (Elixir 4)
  • princess (Elixir 3)
  • The protocol (Elixir 2)
  • Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
  • Bats (Elixir 2)
  • Tesla Tower (Elixir 4)
  • Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Deck 2:

  • Sparky (Elixir 6)
  • Skeleton army (Elixir 3)
  • Electro Dragon (Elixir 5)
  • Tombstone (Elixir 3)
  • Zappies (Elixir 4)
  • Elite barbarians (Elixir 6)
  • Knight (Elixir 3)
  • bomber (Elixir 2)
  • Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

With the first deck you can use The log trick That’s what we explained before to gain an Elixir advantage while Tesla Tower protects you from potential mortars, pig riders, or even larger warriors like giants. Bats and Magic Archer keep the air clear, clearing the way for Golden Knight to advance as your main force and deal damage to the enemy’s crown towers.

The second deck requires a completely different and bold play. The average elixir cost is slightly higher here, but you also get more powerful units. If you succeed Cover your Sparky with enough units, it can easily destroy the opponent’s elixir barrels and crown towers. Elite Barbarians are also a pretty good option to counter the potential Mega Knight attack from the opponent on your side.

The Barrels ‘O Fun event will be available until next Monday. A challenge version of the event will go live this weekend with more Season Tokens and a special reward for completers.

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