Best Move Decks in Marvel Snap: Heimdall, Giganto, and More

Published: 2023-05-22T22:21:12

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If you’re looking for simple dice, these decks will have you climbing the Marvel Snap competitive ladder with ease.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked deck archetypes in Marvel Snap, move decks are known for being incredibly fickle.

Certain locations will severely penalize movement decks, and they’re easily countered by area-lockdown cards like Storm or Professor X.

However, if you’re able to master the Move decks, they can become an easy way to earn wins and increase your rank. Here are some of the best move decks to help you climb in Marvel Snap.

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Marvel SnapMove 2Marvel Snap, Twitter: Marvel Snap

Standard Heimdall Move deck

This is the standard move deck based on move cards like Vulture, Kraven, Cloak, Dagger, and Human Torch.

With Heimdall as the last card played in the sixth turn, this deck maximizes your power by giving you the ability to move cards almost every turn.

Marvel SnapMove 3Marvel Snap, Twitter: Marvel Snap

Giganto Move deck

A slightly unconventional use for the movement deck, this deck takes advantage of (or rather negates) the fact that Giganto can only be played in one location in a game. If you can play Giganto before turn six, you can use a card like Cloak or Dr. Use Strange to move it and secure a win.

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The other alternative is to stack the other two locations (center and right) with your movement cards like Vulture and Kraven, leaving the left location to play the Mega Giganto in the last turn.

Marvel SnapMove 1Marvel Snap, Twitter: Marvel Snap

Iron Lad movement deck

The last move deck that Marvel Snap players should play is the game’s newest card, Iron Lad. Because Iron Lad copies the text of the next card in your deck, you get another card to boost by moving or move other cards to the location.

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As long as you know what cards are still in your deck that need to be drawn, you can use Iron Lad to potentially get a stronger version of a card like Human Torch or Vulture, or draw those cards away.

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