Critical Role releases the official Candela Obscura rulebook with new lore for horror fans

Critical Role’s production arm, Darrington Press, published the core rulebook of Candela Obscura Today. The rulebook is available in a basic and a limited edition and contains rules for character building, running a campaign and knowledge about the Fairelands.

Critical roles Candela Obscura has been a series on her channel ever since May this year, with their Twitch stream revealing the existence of the new system. The system, which focuses on occult investigations, was intended as a “monthly horror drama following an esoteric command of investigators who use centuries-old knowledge to battle a mysterious source of corruption and gore.”

Unlike their flagship game from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Candela Obscura promised to expand into a new system of illuminated worlds, with a “Lightwardener” replacing a standard dungeon master.

While players were able to follow Critical Role’s journey through the horror-inspired land, they lacked first-hand information about what the world was all about. There were also no published rules – although the system is deliberately rule-light – making it impossible to realistically play yourself. The only guide we’ve had so far was a six minute video and watch with the cast.

That changed on November 14th with the release of the Candela Obscura Rules and regulations. Additionally, Darrington Press has released several resources for starting the game, including character sheet tools Semiplane Nexusan online repository of tabletop character sheets and rules.

The books themselves cost $39.99 for the standard edition and $59.99 for the limited edition. The limited edition cover is made of faux leather with an embossed metal design that is eye-catching from a distance. However, the limited edition is above all a feast for the eyes of collectors and a support for the company. The basic rulebook is all you need to enjoy the system yourself.

A book detailing the name Candela Obscura sits on a character sheet among dice on a table.
Exploring a known and unknown world is done with a simple page change. Image via Darrington Press.

Candela Obscura is currently enjoying tentative success Critical roles Channel. Nestled between their most popular DnD 5E Across the campaigns, it still consistently exceeds 100,000 views on YouTube as well as thousands of live viewers on Twitch. With a core rulebook providing instruction to both players and Lightwardens, the system is likely to be revitalized in a way we haven’t seen since May.

Although we don’t expect to see it Candela Obscura When it comes to overtaking the TTRPG world from the more traditional options, it’s always nice to see talented designers, artists and minds come up with the competition. And Candela Obscura offers a more intense look at occult investigations than is found in old books Call of Cthulhu, which makes it fresh and appealing. It features a class-based – or specialization-based – character building style, a world that is fascinating to explore for both puzzle developers and puzzle solvers, and many different ways to roll six-sided dice.

We are curious whether Candela Obscura will continue to receive support, either through expansions or traditional adventure guides. For now, follow the easy, bold investigators. But watch out for the flickering.

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