Detailed MWZ (MW3 Zombies) launch content – ​​loadouts, operators and more

Modern Warfare 3: Zombies is shaping up to be a very content-rich experience with all of its different gameplay styles and loads of weapons, especially as it appears to be completely reworked compared to previous games. Here are all the details you need to know if you’re a big fan of COD Zombies, all coming at Modern Warfare 3’s launch.

All MW3 Zombies launch content, explained

MWZ effectively replaces Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ game mode. However, the DMZ format is not ignored. Instead, it will be integrated into MWZ, meaning much of the game mode will contain DMZ DNA. With this understanding, MWZ is based on three essential pillars

  • Operation Bar – Similar to DMZ, MWZ is an open-world experience in which you search for valuable resources and blueprints to improve your equipment. Operation Deadbolt is also the name of the ongoing storyline that will begin with MWZ.
  • Missions and contracts – Again, like DMZ, you will be tasked with completing specific missions to unlock new content and story progression. Additionally, you can complete contracts to earn rewards while exploring the open world.
  • Safe and extraction – The longer you whirl around and marvel at the world, the more you’ll attract the attention of the angry dead. You can’t stay forever because then you’ll get overwhelmed, so you have to pull it all out to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Although these are the core areas of MWZ, there is much more to learn, such as how deployment works.

MW3 Zombies – Assault teams and equipment

To play MWZ, you’ll need a strike team of operators to team up with. Each operator has its own equipment that you can equip and recruit all operators unlocked out of Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

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Just like in the DMZ, you insure much of the equipment you find while looting in the MWZ. Each member of your assault team has access to multiple equipment slots, which you must take into account when preparing for the mission.

  • Primary and secondary weapons – All weapons from MW2 and MW3 can be used in MWZ.
  • Insured slots – You have access to three insured slots, only one of which is initially available until it is unlocked via MWZ missions
  • Contraband – Weapons found and taken in the open world are usually considered contraband. Contraband weapons are lost if you die while equipped with them. You can keep a supply of 20 pieces at any time.
  • Tactical and deadly weapons – Equip your strike team with a selection of traditional Call of Duty gear like frag grenades, stun grenades, Molotov cocktails and more.

In addition to your equipment, you also have access to special field upgrades that are only available in MWZ.

MW3 Zombies – Field Upgrades

The field upgrades in MWZ are different than those you can use in any other Modern Warfare 3 game mode. These upgrades are specific to MWZ and aim to keep the ever-looming zombie threat at bay for you and your friends. There are a total of six MWZ field upgrades.

  • Energy mine – Creates a blast mine that deals heavy damage when triggered.
  • Raging guard Repairs your armor and taunts nearby enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Healing aura -Heals all nearby players instantly.
  • Frostblast – Deals moderate damage and slows enemies in the area of ​​effect.
  • Aether Veil – Become invisible to all zombie threats.
  • Tesla Storm – Stuns and damages all enemies that come into contact with the lightning bolts that connect with other players. Lasts 10 seconds.

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MW3 Zombies – Acquisitions and Schematics

Image via Activision

Crafting plays a big role at MWZ as there are benefits to taking part in it. There are two types of crafts in the MWZ: Acquisitions And Scheme.

  • Acquisitions – Unique crafts to find and loot in the open world. Their benefits depend on their type. No cooldown when crafting.
  • Scheme – Permanent crafts that you can obtain in the open world. When brought back, they can be crafted indefinitely, but there is a cooldown on your ability to craft them.

There are four Types of acquisitions and circuit diagrams.

  • Etherium – Resource required to enhance the power of your weapons
  • Perk-a-Colas – Replaces the Gear Perk system present in MW3. When you drink a special cola you get special effects such as: B. removing scope fluctuations.
  • Ammo mods Changes the type of ammunition fired by your weapons.
    • Brain rot
    • Cryo-freezing
    • Dead wire
    • Naplam Burst
    • Fragmentation explosion
  • Miracle weapons – Extremely powerful weapons that go far beyond your standard arsenal.

MWZ looks like a refreshing take on DMZ combined with the ever-popular Zombie game mode. I’m excited for the release of Modern Warfare 3 and hope this overview of the upcoming MWZ content will excite you too.

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