Did Eren turn into a bird? Explained


  • The presence of birds in Attack on Titan symbolizes the concept of freedom and the characters’ longing for it.
  • Fans speculate that Eren may have been reincarnated as a bird due to the recurring bird motifs and his quest for freedom.
  • The birds in the series represent Eren’s continued presence and ideals, even after he is physically gone.

“Attack on Titan” was a whirlwind of emotions for its loyal fan base. It reached an emotional climax when the main character, Eren, made the ultimate sacrifice in his relentless pursuit of freedom and wanted to end the Age of Titans. A few years after this monumental event, we see Mikasa at his grave.

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She talks to him even though he is no longer physically there. Just as her scarf – an iconic symbol of their bond – slips from her shoulders, a bird suddenly flies in. With a careful maneuver, the bird wraps the scarf around Mikasa again. This surprising event leaves fans wondering: could Eren have somehow been reincarnated as this bird? This article will tell you everything you need to know!

Why do fans believe Eren was reincarnated?

Why do fans believe Eren turned into a bird?

Attack on Titan has kept fans on their toes with countless plot twists, and one of the most intriguing theories that have emerged concerns the possibility of Eren’s reincarnation. This theory is strongly linked to the bird motif that recurs throughout the series. From the beginning, we see birds often, usually at important moments. In the first part of the last season, for example, there is a scene in which Falco, who is lying on the ground, encourages a bird to fly away – a symbol of the longing for freedom. But the clever thing is that we see this scene from the bird’s perspective.

This bird’s eye view provided by series creator Hajime Isayama seems to have a deeper meaning. As we continue with the narrative, there is an instance where Eren is seen flying high above the clouds in his mind, seemingly an escape from the terrible destruction his rumblings are wreaking on the Earth. He identifies this feeling as freedom. In the series finale, we find Mikasa burying Eren’s remains under a tree, a place where he often found solace on the island of Paradis.

Interestingly, the series began with a similar scene, giving a sense of continuity. While this moment brings back an old memory for Mikasa, some fans speculate that it could be because Eren’s presence is felt in some form. Around the same time, we see Armin and the others on a boat heading to the island for peace negotiations with Queen Historia. Armin notices a bird flying in the same direction, which adds to the mystery. Based on these clues, fans suspect that Eren may have reincarnated as a bird.

What do birds symbolize in Attack on Titan?

Arming catches a feather on the way to paradise in the AoT finale

The most famous symbolism associated with birds in Attack on Titan is the concept of freedom. Birds are often seen flying freely in the sky, unhindered by walls or geographical boundaries. This is a stark contrast to the people in the series, who live within walls out of fear of the Titans. Eren Yeager and other characters often express their longing for the kind of freedom that birds represent. In the series, Eren’s desire for freedom is so strong that he is willing to do anything to achieve it, much like a bird’s limitless flight.

In particular, some fans believe that the bird could represent this Parasitic hunter, an arctic seabird, which has many parallels to Eren. Firstly, the name “Hunter” appears, which is interesting because that’s our main character Eren’s last name. In German, “Jaeger” means “hunter,” which captures the essence of Eren’s tireless pursuit of freedom. The parasitic hunter has a unique way of getting its food. Instead of hunting, it steals from other birds. It is so determined to get its food that it hunts other birds until they are too tired to hold on to their food.

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This reflects Eren’s single-minded mission for freedom and his willingness to fight when his freedom is at stake. Throughout the series, Eren even seems to reflect the bird’s disregard for others in its search for food. He is willing to use his friends and even his homeland as a stepping stone on his path to freedom. In short, the bird in Attack on Titan isn’t just a bird. It is a symbol of Eren’s indomitable spirit, his quest for freedom and the lengths he is willing to go to achieve it.

Was Eren reincarnated into a bird?Birds attack Titan; Eren Yeager

The birds appearing in the series are symbolic. They do not represent an embodiment of Eren’s transformation into a feathered creature, but rather are an artistic device that adds deeper meaning to the narrative. It’s a metaphorical way of expressing Eren’s enduring presence in her life.

If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win! Tatakae! -Eren Yeager

It’s as if the series is saying that even though Eren is gone, the essence of what he stood for – his promises, his ideals, his sacrifices and, most of all, his love – lives on. The frequent bird sightings suggest that Eren’s mind is now as free as a bird and is not limited by the harsh realities of his previous existence. Essentially, Eren has now become inextricably linked to the natural world.

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