Ex-McDonald’s employee shocked at how boring office jobs are

A woman who used to work at McDonald’s feels kind of bad after taking a job in an office where she doesn’t have to deal with customers.

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Quitting your old job and starting a new one is a big change in life and will always make you feel a certain way. However, the transition might feel even more dramatic if you didn’t like your previous role and/or the last place you worked was a completely different environment in which you held a position that had nothing to do with the current one .

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The woman in the following story knows a thing or two about changing jobs and making a big adjustment. After surviving her customer-facing job, the transition to an office job seemed so harmless. She couldn’t help but think that her new, stressed-out colleagues weren’t getting worked up over anything.

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A woman who used to work at McDonald’s doesn’t understand why her new colleagues at the office are so stressed.

According to a TikTok user named Savannah, the juxtaposition between a customer-facing job and an office job is apparently very strange.

In a video, she explained how strange it was to go from a job that was “literally hell on earth” to a “relaxed, comfortable office job.” She noticed how her new colleagues became completely stressed out after an hour of work during the workday.

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“And I thought, ‘We were sitting in an air-conditioned room. I haven’t spoken to a single customer. Nobody yelled at me. Nobody threw anything at me. Nobody spat on me. This is me “I’m having a great time. Nothing is wrong,” Savannah said.

She further added, “But now I can’t say if I’m chronically chill and maybe I think there are things really wrong at work but I don’t know what they are because I’m so used to it in hell.” to be.” That it’s just great everywhere else.

Although Savannah didn’t reveal details about her past and current employment in the video, she wrote in a comment that she previously worked at McDonald’s and now works in special education to give users a better idea of ​​her transition.

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Still, her video seemed to resonate with many others. One user wrote in the comments: “I went from being burnt out after working 30 hours a week at the supermarket to working a 40 hour office job and I thought, ‘That’s it?'”

Another user claimed: “I’m constantly anxious at my office job because I’m not busy at all and find everything so calm compared to retail.”

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A third user wrote: “I went from a horrible retail job where I was abused on a daily basis to a relaxing office job with a loving environment. I was actually afraid of how cold it was.”

Another commenter simply wrote, “I used to work at Arby’s, but now I sit at my desk with my blankie and some snacks while I fill out Excel spreadsheets.”

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However, there were also some people who claimed that switching from an office job to a customer-facing job did wonders for them. One wrote: “That was me [the] opposite lol. My office job was literally a hellscape, and when I became a bartender, my happiness increased significantly.”

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Another user wrote: “[I know] Retail is the most [people’s] Damn, but after being a case manager at a nonprofit…I just relax at my retail job, which is great.”

And one comment said: “Going from office work to working in a hearing aid store, you’d think it would be the worst job, it’s the most relaxing job I’ve ever had.”

Overall, the comments on Savannah’s video showed that everyone has a different perspective when it comes to customer-facing and office jobs. Also, not all offices seem to be as relaxed as Savannah’s.

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