For The King 2: How to Revive Characters

Because The King 2 can be a brutally unforgiving experience, especially if you’re just starting out. Rushing into battle without knowing what you’re getting into can lead to disaster and often results in untimely deaths.

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Fortunately, there are, albeit limited, ways to revive characters killed in battle. Just like the original, there are three ways players can hit a reset button. Here’s the breakdown.

For The King 2

November 2, 2023

Ironoak Games

Revival with hearts

10 hearts for reviving dead characters for the King 2

Before you begin your adventure in a new campaign, you will be prompted to do so Choose the difficulty level and choose your loadout. One of the aspects that need to be decided at this point is the number of hearts you start with, indicated by the setting “Pool of Life.” Hearts are essentially free lives that can Revive a dead party member.

Selecting difficulty levels automatically adjusts how many hearts you have at the start of a campaign. By default, the apprentice has 6 hearts, the journeyman has 4 and the master has 0. You can Adjust the number of hearts You start with any difficulty level. The best you can get on the loadout screen is 10 hearts. Don’t be afraid to give yourself more hearts if you’re having trouble beating the game, especially before unlocking better starting gear in the Lore Store.

In combat

Revive the ally highlighted for the king 2

If one of your characters dies during the fight for some reason, you can do this Revive them by performing the bonus action: Revive Ally Use one of your other characters. If all characters die, this run ends. Revive an allied consumer in one turn.

In the upper world

Reviving a dead character for the King 2

If one of your characters dies in battle and you don’t revive them there, you’ll get another chance to revive them after you leave battle. Bring one of your existing characters onto the hex with the dead person. This will devour a heart.

A dead character can be identified as a gravestone on a specific hex. You can find her by clicking on her character portrait at the bottom right.

Revival through sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Wealth for the King 2

Sanctuaries are large structures scattered across the map that provide incredibly useful buffs to the characters who trigger them. Gaining a Sanctum buff for a character means that every time that character falls in battle, they do so resuscitate immediately and without prompting. However, this also causes them to lose any buffs they received from the sanctuary, effectively weakening them until they find another sanctuary. Free revival from a Sanctum cannot be transferred to another character.

Revival with XP

Dead character on a space for King 2

If you are Play co-op and one of your characters dies, you can Spend XP to revive them in a nearby town. The XP cost increases over time and only the player whose character dies can make this decision. Of course, you can also revive her using any of the other methods mentioned above.

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