Halo Infinite players criticize game’s armor effects: “They look terrible”

In Halo InfiniteArmor effects can add additional visual flair to your Spartan, ranging from flaming helmets to fluorescent bunny ears. There’s just one problem: For many players, these effects are just too ugly to be worth using.

A thread posted on Reddit this weekend questioned why armor effects seem to be losing popularity overall, and players didn’t hold back in expressing their displeasure with the current state of the cosmetic type. At a time when the cost of Halo Infinites Microtransactions are also under intense scrutiny. The accusation that the effects are “visual noise” that is not worth the price is being taken up in a broader discussion Infinite Free-to-play model.

“The armor FX were a novelty when they were hard to come by and there were only a small number of them that could be used,” one player wrote. “However, there are now so many that they have lost their novelty.”

The challenging acquisition referenced dates back to the time of Halo 3 And Halo Reachwhere armor effects were first introduced Halos Adjustment. In To reachObtaining armor effects required both a high rank and a lot of credits. Even if you didn’t particularly like this look, it still came with a certain status that you lacked Infinite paid effects.

“It’s a hot take, but I didn’t like it To reach “No effects either,” another Read comment. “Such effects always looked cheesy.” This was supported by another player who also said: “The fallout since then has been ugly.” To reach” and agreed that they look even worse in it Infinite.

But why do the effects look worse for a game released a decade later? One of the simplest reasons is that the armor effects appear to be animated at a lower frame rate than the rest of the game. This was the basic technical issue raised by one of the most popular commentswhich claimed it was a two-sided issue, as most of the effects were “kind of ugly” and “they only run at 30 FPS.”

Other players also criticized armor effects that include fire because they “low texture” And “2D“—a problem her colleagues have had in the past gloriole Titles did not suffer in the same way. While the aspects that cause players to dislike the armor effects are varied, a user summed up the general mood best by simply saying, “You look terrible.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the cosmetics type. In the same thread, Player praised More “subtle” armor effects such as Trapmaster’s Map and Inevitability of War, which affect areas of the Spartan such as the wrists or legs. A common impression was that these understated designs represented a “more”Lore friendly“Aesthetics that don’t clash Infinite grounded sci-fi art style.

As a player who owns most of the armor effects currently available, I see this in the ones I use. Whether Victory Laurels or Packmaster’s Glare, there are only a handful of the 40 effects Infinite which I equip regularly. Fixing the technical issues with some of the pre-existing effects could make them attractive to players, but it seems clear that the need instead lies in creating new effects that conflict less with the armor underneath.

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