Heroes did not sacrifice their lives so that mindless fanatics could march today disguised as terrorists

Price of hate

HOW sad that on the day we remember those who died for our freedoms, there should be a discussion about restricting the right to protest.

But this is the result of the hatred that protesters repeatedly display and a complete disregard for these freedoms.

We must act to stop criminals from preaching hate on our streets


We must act to stop criminals from preaching hate on our streetsPhoto credit: Twitter/@metpoliceuk

Heroes who fought the Nazis did not sacrifice their lives so that mindless fanatics could march today dressed as terrorists and boast of their support for Hitler’s anti-Semitism.

They would also turn in their graves knowing that drunken idiots took it upon themselves to “defend” our freedoms on Armistice Day.

The fact is that right-wing idiots should never be given an excuse to act.

Any claim that the recent pro-Palestinian march was “peaceful,” barring far-right violence, is absurd.

It wasn’t as violent as it could have been simply because the police refused to catch people on the spot who were blatantly calling for the killing of Jews or openly showing support for Hamas murderers.

Now the Met must catch up and appeal for the identities of masked hate mongers, and after weeks of such marches the bigots feel emboldened to find their racism acceptable. It is not.

The march should never have taken place on the memorial weekend.

Yes, there are some who want peace, but many are consciously marching alongside those who want the victory of the terrorists who slaughtered 1,200 Jews.

The quickest path to peace remains for Hamas terrorists to hand over their hostages and give up their malign hold on Gaza – but you didn’t see any posters calling for that.

In fact, the few protesters who were willing to criticize the Hamas massacre as well as the Israeli response were jostled and intimidated by those who see Hamas’ baby murderers as freedom fighters.

The silent majority cannot be fooled.

You can see before your eyes the horrors of racism and calls for genocide.

With rights come responsibilities, and the pro-Palestinian march organizers dodged them.

Anyone who abuses our precious freedoms puts them in great danger.

We were full

Attempts to curb fuel consumption at gas stations have progressed over the years at the same pace as a gasoline car accidentally filling up with diesel.

Any hint of government action quickly stalled.

So it’s encouraging to hear Energy Minister Claire Coutinho promising that the Competition and Markets Authority will be given new powers to crack down on petrol station bosses who raise prices at the first opportunity but are very slow to pass on price cuts.

It should be a step towards the PumpWatch system that The Sun has long championed.

Drivers have been ripped off for far too long.

John Verrall

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