Honkai Star Rail: How to beat Cocolia

Honkai: Star Rail features classic MiHoYo graphics mixed with a tactical twist on traditional turn-based combat. Players join the star-traveling Astral Express and chug between worlds on their journey as a trailblazer. In the first major world, where the crew is stationed on Jarilo-VI, players are immediately thrown into combat.

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Things get even worse for the team before they face the biggest boss in the world: Cocolia.

How to Defeat Cocolia (Level 1)

Cocolia's Echo

Meanwhile, the crew of the Astral Express has defeated a number of difficult battles, including Cocolia’s loyal guard chief Cheetah, but nothing has prepared the team for the fight against Cocolia. However, its first form is deceptively simple. She’s weak to lightning, quantum, and fire damage types, but this first form doesn’t necessarily require a party full of her weaknesses to bring her down.

Every team should be able to consistently deal large amounts of damage, even if they can’t remove Cocolia’s shield. After this version’s fall, however, comes the big battle (and one that can be challenged repeatedly for rewards later). Echo of war). Don’t forget to bring a healer if the party isn’t filled with characters who can drop Cocolia’s shield. The prolonged battle that follows can consume a significant amount of healing. Natalia is a pretty useful F2P character.

How to defeat Cocolia, the Mother of Deception

Cocolia's Mother of Deception attitude.

This is where the real challenge begins, especially when Cocolia crosses swords for the first time in the story. Luckily, there’s a catch that pushes players into a party selection screen to customize the party: The Trailblazer is a mandatory addition at this stage of the fight. Since Cocolia, Mother of Deception has the same weaknesses as before, this should be an advantage (as the Trailblazer unlocks his fire damage type and uses his test mode in battle, meaning the character may be stronger than he already is). The fight begins with only the Trailblazer physical damage type before unlocking the sustainment path. Once this happens, the trial is available and the rest of the group can join.

Keeping a healer in the party is crucial, and if you can’t stick to F2P characters, a powerful Dan Heng or Serval will help. Characters with high defense are also useful, especially in the first fight with the Mother of Deception, as she can deal massive damage. If you’re desperate, March 7th can be useful as a shield spammer, as she will naturally attack any enemy that damages an ally with her shield. Cocolia has two health bars that can absorb a lot of damage. So be sure to heal and attack only in moderation. Conservation is crucial in this first attempt, as most players are unlikely to be overpowered for this fight.

The good news is that the party gains access to the Engine of Creation attack during the first battle. As characters use their basic attack or skill, the bar fills (similar to path resonance in the simulated world). Trigger this ability every time it is charged to deal significant and further damage to Cocolia Lances of Eternal Frost she might have called. These ice lances temporarily disable their weaknesses, preventing the party from destroying Cocolia’s shield until the lances are dispersed. Future iterations of Cocolia, Mother of Deception, as seen in her fight against Echo of War, incorporate the Engine of Creation from the start. Also use this as often as possible to rush them. In both scenarios, a strong fire character is extremely useful for defeating the Ice Lances and Cocolia’s Shield, and the Trailblazer’s ultimate ability deals excellent AoE fire damage to all enemies. Additionally, her shield ability will taunt Cocolia while increasing defense, making her a useful addition for F2P. Reduce her shield and health bar before finally defeating her.

Cocolia, the Mother of Deception’s abilities

Bone-crushing cold

Deals ice damage to a target. This is essentially their basic attack.

Icy rain of destruction

Deals ice damage to the entire team.

Call of the Heartless Destroyer

Summons the Lances of Eternal Frost, protecting Cocolia from Weakness damage.

Genesis chord

Deals imaginary damage and locks the target, slowing the ally by 50% for 1 turn.

Harbinger of destruction

This is the first step to greater ability. It sets its sights on a single target and prepares its next attack (Soulrend Coldstream). If she uses Trailblazer’s ability to taunt Cocolia, she will focus her attention on her and save other allies from this attack. Breaking her shield also removes the lock and activates the attack.

Soul-rending cold current

Deals incredible damage to the locked target (almost triple normal damage) and has a 100% chance to freeze them, skipping a turn. When Bronya is in the party, her enhanced ability can remove a status ailment for the ally she targets, eliminating Freeze and taking that character’s turn.

The prelude to creation

This is a one-time fee for Last Choir of Genesis. Again, breaking Cocolia’s shield will stun her from the spell.

Last chorus of Genesis

Deals approximately double imaginary damage to the entire team. Shields will help absorb some of this damage, and using Natalia’s special effect before or after to save lives will also help.

Creator’s determination

When Cocolia enters another phase, Cocolia’s speed increases and she deals imaginary damage.

Best party compositions

  • An ideal group to take down Cocolia, Mother of Deception would consist of the Trailblazer, Seele, Bailu, and Jing Yuan. Each deals increased damage as they target Cocolia’s weaknesses, and Jing Yuan and the Trailblazer deal large AoE damage when needed. Soul deals massive quantum damage to individual targets. This combination should quickly weaken Cocolia’s shield while dealing the most damage to her HP bar. In the Echo of War battle, find a “friend” who has Jing Yuan as a support unit and place him in the last team slot.
  • A more realistic group (especially for the first encounter) will probably consist of Trailblazer, Serval, Natasha and/or Dan Heng. While only Trailblazer and Serval deal damage to Cocolia’s shields, Dan Heng can eliminate the Ice Lances faster than most, especially if he has invested in them.

With this, Cocolia, Mother of Deception, should eventually fall. She can absorb a significant amount of damage, so the early encounter could turn into a battle of attrition. If the base group is weak or around the recommended level, shielding and healing are paramount. Mix in the Engine of Creation as the gauge fills and Cocolia should face defeat on the first try. If your Echo of War is too easy, remember to change the difficulty before entering the fight.

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