How to complete the UC Wants You! Quest in the Starfield

There are numerous planets and communities Starfield those affected by the Colony War, such as Gagarin, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. The planet’s economy revolved around the construction of powerful ‘Mechs, all of which were banned after the war. Unfortunately, many of Gagarin’s citizens fell on difficult times.

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As you stroll through Gagarin Landing, you may hear some people talking about an exciting offering from UC Vanguard. You’ll need to find your way to the Gagarin Recruitment Office to start this quest, and here’s what you need to know to complete it.

Find the UC Vanguard recruiting office

A sign with UC Vanguard's promotional poster.

Go to UC Vanguard Recruitment Office above Terrabrew Coffeeand talk to me Zinaida Kuipers. Say you’re looking for work and she’ll respond She’s trying to get more people to join the Vanguard.

Zinaida will give you some flyers and recruiting materials, and ask you for it Take them to three local locations. That’s what you’re going to have to do supply the materials to the people in each of these places, but more importantly, you actually have to do it Persuade them to provide the materials.

Distribute recruitment materials

Zinaida tells you to whom to distribute recruitment posters.

You should Be ready to convince the people to whom you distribute the recruitment materials. Invest Skill points into your persuasion abilityor Drink an object like Hippolyta Before speaking to a person, you will find it easier to convince others. Quick save before speaking to someone Just in case your persuasion doesn’t work.

Talk to Lizzy Ajello

Lizzy, a red-tinted bar in Gagarin Landing, is behind the bar.

To find your first local spot, Walk straight out of the recruiting officeand go over to the left to a red bar. Talk to Lizzy about Zinaida’s request.

She will take the materials and promise to throw them directly into an incinerator. Since that’s not the best resolution, Persuade them to put up the posters.

You can also Take on a personal quest for Lizzy Here. In “Safe bet” You need to retrieve some goods for them from an abandoned ship.

Speak to Dalisto Pretorius

UC security chief Dalisto Pretorius walks around Gagarin Landing.

Back to the entrance to the city. Chief Dalisto Pretorius will normally hang around the UC security office. You can also chat with her to get more backstory on Gagarin.

Hand over the recruitment documents to her, and she will offer to display them in her office. You don’t really need to persuade themIt’s that simple!​​​​​​​

Speak to Dr. Pauline Keala

The light from the local clinic shines on a dark street. Dr. Keala is standing inside.

You can Find Dr. Pauline Keala at the local clinic off the main road in Gagarin Landing. The building bears the name a green cross on the front.

When you talk to her, Dr. Keala will take the materials from you. However, she deplores the idea of ​​placing them around the clinic as it is inconsistent with her doctor’s conscience. You can Persuade them to put up the recruitment posters anyway.

If you have that Combat Medic Backgroundyou can select an additional one Dialogue option that Dr. Keala will convince to put up the flyers.

UC is looking for you! Quest rewards

Zinaida stands in the UC Vanguard recruiting office.

After handing out the recruitment documents to Lizzy, Chief Pretorius and Dr. had handed over to Keala, Return to Zinaida in the recruiting office. Inform them of your success and you will complete this side quest.

You will get Experience and credits as a reward for your efforts. You will get more credits if you successfully convince all three people to put up the posters.

While you are in Gagarin Landing, be sure to do this Complete Barrett’s personal quest, once you’ve become friends with him enough. The quest requires you to speak to Dr. Keala speak, so you already know a familiar face.

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