How to create an album during my time at Sandrock

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The people inside My time at Sandrock Although they are used to the rigors and sandstorms that are common in the desert, sometimes unexpected things happen. After the recent sandstorm that hit Sandrock, the town’s oldest resident, Mort, unfortunately lost his valuable photo album due to the strong winds.

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It’s easy to make him a new one, but this new album doesn’t contain any of his photos, and Mort is happy with that, but that’s not the end of his memories. It is possible to find his photos and in this guide we will show you how to find them and give Mort some peace of mind.

How to create an album for Mort

Player character in his worktable menu and creating an album in My Time At Sandrock.

Mort will have one Side mission available for you, Gone with the Wind, after the second sandstorm Occurs in the game. Mort spends most of his time doing this in his house on the North side of the cityor in the cemetery right next to it.

Talk to Mortand he will tell you that he is after this last sandstorm lost one of his most prized possessions:A Photo album containing Photos of memories during his life. He has accepted the loss, but he asks you for it make him a new one.

Mort will do it submit the recipe for an album, and you need a basic leather And three paper to craft it every work table.

Album material

Here’s how to get it

Plain Leather x1

Made of Raw animal skin And sea-salt at a work table.

  • Raw animal hide can be obtained in both ways craft it at a worktable out of Damaged animal skin or being dropped defeat the wild Yakmel.
  • Sea salt can be purchased from By The Stairs.

Paper x3

Made of Plant fiber on one Drying rack.

Create the album and Take it back to Mort, and he will thank you for helping him. You will also receive a reward of 50 Gols. 10 Workshop reputation, 20 relationship points with Mortand 380 experience points.

How to find Mort’s album photos

The player character holds a feather duster and finds one of Mort's photos while sweeping sand out of a recycler in My Time At Sandrock.

While giving Mort a new album completes his side missionthere are several additional, discoverable targets You can complete the process after finding the photos from the album.

There are a total of five of them to find for you: the first photo found outside your home the day to Gone with the Wind.

The other four are coincidentally found while to finish tasks inside and outside your gardenlike for example Salvaging piles of wood or remove stone, sand from your machines and Break up piles of rubbish at Eufaula Salvage.

Any photo can be returned to Mort and grants you one additional five relationship points with him a total of 25.

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