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The revolutionary update to A One Piece Game on Roblox introduces a new eye-catching fighting style called Dragon Claw. This fighting style is fiery like a dragon’s flame and offers massive AoE attacks and buffs. However, obtaining it can be a lengthy process.

Like most powerful weapons and fighting styles, the Dragon Claw fighting style can only be achieved by progressing fairly far in the game and meeting certain requirements. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get the Dragon Claw fighting style in A One Piece Game.

How to Get the Dragon Claw Fighting Style in a One Piece Game (AOPG)

The Dragon Claw fighting style can be obtained by interacting with the Dragon Claw Instructor NPC that can be found on Revolutionary Island in the Third Sea. This NPC is standing near an arch on the outer edge of the island, in front of the large castle. Before interacting with the NPC, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Collect 1,000,000,000,000 Bel
  • Have 6,000 strength Points
  • Loss 6 picas (After the release of the Revolutionary update)
  • To reach Humanly awakened
  • Collect 4 dragon claws (3% drop chance from Tamatebako chests or by defeating the Flame Emperor on Revolution Island)

Once all of the above requirements are met, you can interact with the Dragon Claw instructor to learn the Dragon Claw fighting style.

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All abilities and movesets of the Dragon Claw fighting style

The Dragon Claw fighting style is a melee skill set that includes massive AoE attacks, good range, and solid damage stats. It also features Dragon Flame Mode, which can be triggered to increase damage, speed, bounce, and defense. Below you will find all the skills and movesets of the Dragon Claw fighting style:

  • Dragon Claw Strike (Basic Attack) – Throws blows in the target direction that explode and deal damage at close range.
  • dragon claw – Releases a burst of energy that travels directly, dealing damage over long distances.
  • Dragon’s Breath – Releases a large AoE attack that deals damage to all targets in a radius around the player.
  • Dragon Fist – After a short charge time, launch a heavy attack that spreads straight out, dealing damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the player.
  • Blazing Dragon Drill (Move-Move) – Creates a massive tornado of flames that deals heavy damage in a large radius and moves forward a short distance.
  • Dragon Emperor – Fires a speeding ball of flame that travels in the target direction and explodes on impact.
  • Dragon Flame (Mode) – Can be triggered to increase global damage, speed, jump, damage reduction and fighting style damage.

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