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Hogwarts Legacy has many RPG elements that help players become stronger as the game progresses, particularly through exploration and side quests. One of these elements is the equipment system, which allows you to find better equipment and improve your various stats based on the equipment you find. You can also change the appearance of various pieces of equipment to keep your character strong while looking the way you want.

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Some found equipment will have a question mark icon displayed over it and indicate that it is unidentified. These pieces of equipment are less common and require identification before you can equip them. Although there is one Additional step to equip these itemsthey are worth the time and can be much stronger than your current pieces of equipment.

Updated November 12, 2023 by Joshua Leeds: Many pieces of equipment players find in Hogwarts Legacy are unidentified and cannot be used until they are identified. This article has been updated to include additional links to help players understand how to properly use equipment once identified.

How to identify items

Player using the Description Desk

To identify your equipment, You need to unlock the Room of Requirement. After being introduced to the Room of Requirement, it was the first and only table in the room The description desk is included in delivery. As you collect Infidelity gear, bring it to the table and immediately hold down the interact button to identify any unidentified gear in your inventory. This is a very quick and painless process that allows you to do this Bulk identification of items without additional steps, However, obtaining one requires a visit to the Room of Requirement.

This extra step provides gear with higher stats and better properties than the usual gear you find. The Room of Requirement is used as a playground for players to set up other tables Grow plants and brew potions in their own areaThis makes going into this room much more useful for identifying items. More powerful and legendary pieces of equipment also have a much higher chance of being unidentified, making identification much more important.

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Manage equipment and identified equipment

Player uses legendary equipment pieces

Identified equipment is much stronger than ordinary equipment and is randomly given to players when looting items on the bottom of chests. Since this is always a random chance, you will never know when you will or will not miss better identified equipment It’s always best to have inventory slots available when exploring. It’s best to constantly go to Hogsmeade to sell items and complete Merlin Trials to increase your overall storage space.

When you go exploring, it’s worth destroying your weakest equipment to ensure you take every piece of equipment available. If you receive an unidentified transmission part, Always wait and identify it before deciding what to do with it. These pieces of gear can be incredibly powerful, and the possibility of something better in your inventory should be incentive enough to return to the Room of Requirement and see what you have now.

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