How to solve quantum tunneling

Talos Principle 2 features numerous puzzles to test the quality of your problem-solving skills. The aesthetics of the game will change as you progress through the game, from the Egyptian feel of the tutorial to some breathtaking mountain views later in the game.

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Once you’ve solved the first set of puzzles, head to the Quantum Tunnel Puzzle in the Forest Plateau. In this area you will get to know some new environments and new mechanics. Puzzle games often involve changing the environment to keep the game world fresh and interesting. There’s still a very long way to go, so don’t burn your Prometheus Sparks so early in the game.

Quantum Tunneling – Get both drills

Talos Principle 2 Quantum Tunneling Second Drill

First, look at the entrance to the puzzle. You will see that Prometheus terminal. Turn left and you will see a purple barrier. Go through this barrier and pick up the drill. Turn towards the purple barrier and you will see the option “Create hole” when you point the drill at the wall on the other side. That is a special type of wall This allows drills to make holes and gives it a unique look compared to other surfaces. Make a hole with this drill on this particular wall.

Go to the other side of the special wall with the hole you found another drill another purple barrier passed. Take this drill and Put it through the hole you made with the first drill. Use this second drill to Make a hole in the special wall next to the first drill They used. Place the first drill bit through the hole that the second drill bit is drilling Take it to the second drill.

Quantum Tunneling – Opening of the Progress Wheel Room

Talos Principle 2 Quantum Tunneling Both drills

Use the first drills To drill a hole in the special wall opposite the entrance at the start of the puzzle, there is a purple barrier to the right of this special wall. Put that Second drill through this hole, and then take the first drill to remove the hole. Place the first drill next to this wall without creating a hole.

Now go through the purple barrier on the right and use the second drill Make a hole in the special wall that you went through it. Take the first drill you left behind on the same side as the second drill. This room will have two buttons inside. Place a drill on each button and the barrier to the progress wheel will open.

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