I thought near-death experiences were nonsense, then a patient described the bone saw that was used on her, says the doctor

A HEART doctor dismissed near-death experiences as “wrong” until he spoke to a patient who witnessed her own surgery.

Dr. Michael Sabom, a cardiologist in Atlanta, US, spent years studying near-death experiences, or NDAs, that he didn’t believe were real.

Dr. Michael Sabom examines near-death experiences


Dr. Michael Sabom examines near-death experiencesPhoto credit: Instagram

“I thought the whole idea was complete nonsense,” he explained.

This was until he met Pam Reynolds, who experienced a bizarre episode during surgery.

Pam had a very complex, dangerous brain aneurysm that was close to rupturing and required serious surgery to save her life.

Before the operation, Pam was placed in a medically induced near-death state, meaning her heart and brain no longer functioned.

All the blood was sucked out of her head and her ears and eyes were blocked.

“Despite this, Pam heard and saw everything during the operation,” the doctor wrote in an essay for insider.

In an interview with Dr. Michael remembered Pam seeing the bone saw that the surgeons used. She said it looked like an electric toothbrush.

“That seemed absurd,” the doctor said, “but when I asked for a picture of the tools the doctors used, I saw she was right.”

There was no logical explanation as to how she could have known what had happened, he added.

Talking to her convinced the doctor that out-of-body experiences were a real phenomenon.

Pam’s story changed the way Dr. Michael cares for his own patients – because he can never be sure that they can’t hear him,

“I was aware that a casual remark during surgery or resuscitation could be damaging,” he said.

Even though NDEs cannot be proven with scientific evidence, the doctor is still convinced that these phenomena are real.

The Hereafter

Sometimes people mistakenly use NDEs as evidence of life after death, the doctor explained.

He said there is a difference between the real afterlife and the experiences of being almost dead.

“NTDs still happen in our daily lives, but they connect us to a spiritual realm that we don’t normally have contact with,” he explained.

Dr. Michael is one of several physicians and scientists whose research on near-death experiences is featured in Angel Studios’ book. new film“After death.”

What a near-death experience feels like

People who have suffered near-death experiences (NTEs) have revealed what it’s really like to “die” and why it should calm your mind when it’s your turn.

A study published by researchers by NYU Grossman School of Medicine in the USA examined people who had survived cardiac arrest.

The doctors found that those who had near-death experiences often said they had “unique lucid experiences.”

Survivors said these ranged from a feeling of being separated from the body to being able to observe what was happening without feeling any distress.

Other experiences include evaluating the meaning of life, including specific actions participants have taken throughout their lives.

What is a near-death experience?

A near-death experience (NDE) is classified as a life-changing experience that occurs when sensory experiences should not be possible

These conditions may include trauma, cessation of brain activity, deep general anesthesia, or cardiac arrest.

These experiences can vary from person to person and in many cases, experts say, patients with an NDE feel very comfortable and pain-free.

They may also experience a sensation of leaving the body, with some being able to see their physical body as they float above it.

Others may find their mind functioning more clearly and quickly than usual.

Source: University of Virginia

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