I’m a yoga teacher in a couple with a 17 year age difference – my job helps us keep our relationship interesting

A YOGA teacher has revealed how his job makes his relationship interesting in a variety of ways – with bedroom sessions lasting up to four hours.

Mike Kumar, 54, started dating his partner Ellanski, 37, after she chatted to him at the gym.

Mike Kumar revealed how his job as a yoga teacher helps his relationship


Mike Kumar revealed how his job as a yoga teacher helps his relationship

And Mike, from Birmingham, said the 17-year age gap had no effect on their chemistry and bond.

“Age is just a number and should not be a barrier at all,” he said.

“If you’re spiritually and mentally compatible, that’s all that matters.”

Water-based lubricant Knect spoke to the fitness guru after embarking on a search for Britain’s most connected couples.

Speaking about how they met, the pair revealed that their first encounter was at the gym during a legs, butt and abs class.

Ellanski said: “I watched him in the gym wall mirror, there were three other students between us and I knew I just had to walk up to him and introduce myself.

“I wasn’t nervous at all about taking the first step, it all started with a simple ‘hello’, we connected immediately and the rest is history.”

Mike revealed that Ellanski’s first move was indeed “a big push.”

He agreed to a date with her at the local pub and have been together ever since.

Mike also admitted that he had been on more of a serial date before meeting Ellanski, but he wasn’t able to “click” with that special someone.

And he said they clicked so much that they had sex at least 10 times a week.

“Sex lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to up to 4 hours,” he revealed.

“Practicing yoga helps. Certain yoga positions can actually lead to an increase in body awareness and flexibility, so this can contribute to a better and healthier sex life.”

Mike reveals that he and Ellanski will “practice yoga positions both in and out of the bedroom to make it fun.”

Aside from sex, the couple also shares other ways they stay in touch.

“We love eating out, but we love spending time at home,” Mike said.

“When I cook dinner for them, I always make sure the room is lit with candles, dim lights and music to set the right mood.”

When it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship, Mike and Ellanski also say that the key to their successful relationship is spending time apart.

They said: “Sometimes we can go a few weeks without seeing each other, but we always make sure to stay in communication, be it through Facetiming or exchanging WhatsApp messages late into the night.”

“Talking is how we stay in touch, even when we’re not together. Of course, frequent sex always helps.”

When asked what advice they would give to couples who want to try new things in the bedroom, they conclude by suggesting, “Try new spaces!” Walk away from the bedroom and see where you end up, it makes everything fun and Interesting.

“It’s also good to experiment with new things, but don’t put pressure on each other, start small and simple and don’t forget to communicate.”

“It’s also fun to try out positions from the Karma Sutra.”

Jo Hemmings, sex and relationships expert at Knect, said: “The winter months have been shown to reduce our libido – we have lower levels of vitamin D and people may feel their mood take a turn for the worst when the Evenings fall.”

“On the other hand, there is also something comforting about the winter months – a time when we can make ourselves comfortable, winter together and enjoy intimacy with our partners.”

“It’s great that Mike and Ellanski are so transparent with each other and seem so open to trying new things.

“It’s easy to get into routine habits in the bedroom, so it’s important to mix things up.

“A change of scenery is always a good idea. Moving it out of the bedroom and into another room can add a little variety and make your intimate moments feel a little more adventurous.”

“Sex is good for our well-being, both mentally and physically, and lubricants can help enhance that experience – that’s where Knect comes in.”

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