Lords Of The Fallen: Setting, explained

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Since there are two games with the same name, many players are wondering where and when the games take place and if they have anything to do with each other at all. Finally, despite having the same name, many aspects of each Lords of the Fallen entry seem too different to be part of the same world.

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For example, the original was a place of high-class fantasy, while the 2023 version relies on a darker version of the world. Additionally, the original features a set main character, which now allows you to create your own playable adventurer. Still, there is more that connects each title than meets the eye.

Is Lords Of The Fallen a sequel?

Lords of the Fallen player leaps into the air to attack Pieta, a red-winged knight in front of two ghostly gold ghost versions of herself.

Yes, this 2023 iteration of the title is a sequel its 2014 rendition. This is clearly expressed in the game 1,000 years have passed since the previous events, where the main character Harkyn tried to prevent the resurrection of the hellish god Adyr. Not only is Adyr still a major player in the world, but you can also find Harkyn.

For Adyr, he is involved in every end of the game, although his contribution to the Umbral End is minimal. He is the reason you are tasked with preserving the beacons, as his powers have corrupted them.

As for Harkyn, it may not be immediately obvious But You can find him in the game as Iron Wayfarer. If you look closely at his model, you’ll notice that the similarities to Harkyn are uncanny and he even references events from the first game.

Where is Lords Of The Fallen set?

Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending last screen

Geographically speaking, Lords of the Fallen takes place in Mournstead, a kingdom that has certainly seen better days. As the beacons become corrupted, infernal forces spread into the streets. Even the Guardians of the Beacons have been corrupted, either by the hellish influence of Adyr or by the strangely expanding Umbral Empire.

The areas are a mostly new concept to the seriesand what you can keep in mind The characters’ home realm is called Axiom. The playable character has the ability to look inside the Umbral Realm, a space of death and decay where the church or the infernals do not have power.

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