Man flirts on a plane and has a girlfriend, woman freaks out on him

After two drinks and two hours of chatting on a plane, a woman learned that the man she was flirting with was already taken. What she does next is wild.

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In 2000, I was visiting my mother in Maryland from Los Angeles, where I was living at the time. At home, I spent time with a group of old friends that I hadn’t seen in a few years. One of these friends was quite a joker, and these jokes often went way too far. That night, his big prank was to feed me and my friends chocolate-covered mushrooms without telling us. This happened at 9 p.m. The next morning I flew back to San Diego at 8am. I was about to go on two trips.

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Of course, I was no longer myself when I boarded the flying metal box, and so I embarked on a very strange plane ride back to California. Luckily I didn’t suffer from any of them Twilight zone-style”There’s something on the wing of the plane” Scare. It was relatively pleasant and occasionally stressful, as bouts of paranoia suggested that everyone knew I was high.

This was not comparable to a woman’s experience on a flight, where there was some miscommunication and subsequent panic.

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And you say he’s just a friend.

A TikToker named @ladyaguilera2.0, who I’ll call Christina, couldn’t even wait until she got home before sharing a bizarre encounter she witnessed on a flight. Christina sat in her car, presumably at the airport, and told a story that ranged from delightful to horrifying to horrifying over the course of two hours.

During a fight from San Francisco to Chicago, Christina spotted a man and a woman next to each other, chatting for the next two hours. They didn’t seem to know each other before sitting together, but a few drinks and some good conversation definitely made them fast friends.

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The woman bought herself and her new boyfriend a drink. When it was time for a second round, the woman again offered to pay for the drinks, but the gentleman declined. He sounds responsible! At this point, the gentleman revealed to his new girlfriend that he was in a relationship.

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To be clear, Christina was a row and a half away from them and could hear everything that was happening. It didn’t matter because the woman said very loudly, “Why did you wait two drinks to tell me you had a girlfriend?” He replied that he didn’t mention it because, in his opinion, it would be too presumptuous , if he did.

Screenshot of a comment under “Woman freaks out at man on plane” on TikTok
Source: Unsplash; TikTok/@ladyaguilera2.0 (Screenshot)

This is flirtatious behavior

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Before Christina continues, I just want to say that there are subtle ways to mention a significant other. If this guy told this woman his name and then immediately yelled “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND,” that would definitely be weird. However, let’s say he and this woman talked about movies. This guy could have said something like, “My girlfriend loves this movie too.”

This is when things develop an anxious attachment style. “I’m here and I think we’ve fallen in love and this is the beginning of our love story,” the woman said to the man on the plane. Christina wasn’t the only one paying attention to this interaction as a girl in front of her started giggling. The woman took this opportunity to ask Dr. Including Giggles in the conversation.

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Two women now joined forces against this man, who was being held hostage by the free drink he had accepted. I think it’s important to recognize that most people would consider a stranger buying another stranger a drink if those people were attracted to each other. I can’t attest to the attraction, but if Christina is right about the conversation, they were definitely smitten.

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I think this gentleman enjoyed the attention until it became a little too real for him and he had to admit that it couldn’t go beyond cheeky airplane chat. And while everyone has the right to say no, I think it’s irresponsible to flirt heavily if it’s just to boost my ego.

The situation on the plane then became strangely concrete as examples of how technology has ruined us came into the chat. For some reason, the fact that this guy didn’t have a picture of his girlfriend as his phone wallpaper was touted as a red flag. (That’s simply not true. It’s a made-up red flag that the digital age invented. If your relationship depends on a cell phone wallpaper, please look within.)

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Apparently he lives with his girlfriend and they have been together for two years. Once again, this woman stated that not following each other on Instagram was a problem. (I’m not on social media and as someone who makes a living online, I like it that way. It’s a nice balance! I’m sorry to inform the youth, but these bizarre social media actions are a construct. Please do not use this as a litmus test for the strength of your relationship.)

At the end of the flight, the woman threatened to follow this poor man out in the hope that his girlfriend would pick him up from the airport. She also loudly pretended to be a breakup victim to flaunt her top-notch acting skills. Christina promises a part 2, but at the time of writing we have not received it yet. After all this, maybe I need something to drink.

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