My Hero Ultra Rumble: All Supporting Characters, Ranked


  • Support characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble are neither weak nor boring, but offer a balance of damage dealing and teamwork skills.
  • Mr. Compress is a fun support character who can shrink and blow up allies, as well as raise shields and turn away from enemies.
  • Momo Yaoyorozu’s diverse equipment allows her to craft melee weapons, block enemy attacks with a shield, rain explosives on enemies, and drop useful items on the ground.
  • Read on to find out who the best supporting character in the game is.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble there are numerous heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and actions. The heroes are divided into the classes “Attack”, “Strike”, “Fast”, “Technical” and “Support”. You can avoid playing side characters in most games because they are usually weak or not fun enough, but that’s not the case with My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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In this game, the supporting characters are some of the most entertaining heroes, offering a balanced combination of damage-dealing abilities and abilities that require teamwork and chemistry. Every team needs a good support hero. This list will show you exactly which heroes you should choose.

4 Mr Compress

Shrink your allies and get them out of harm’s way

Mr compress My Hero Ultra Rumble

Mr. Compress is one of the most entertaining characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble. He is a support character who belongs to the League of Villains and can be unlocked by increasing the special license. One of Mr. Compress’ main abilities that he enjoys is the name production magic, a quirk that allows players to shrink any person or object and then launch them. This quirk is primarily used to throw trucks and rocks at enemies. It can also get your allies out of trouble by shrinking them and throwing them away.

His second ability is called Carriage of the hand and can be used to create a shield that deflects all enemy projectiles and compresses anything that comes into contact with it. This quirk is useful for closing the distance from enemies while protecting yourself. Mr. Compress’ final quirk is known as Magician’s choice. This is one of the most useful quirks in the game and allows you to stay away from enemies. It can also be used to shrink your allies or opponents and trap them. In addition to these abilities, Mr. Compress also has a special move that allows him to shrink his allies and carry them in his pocket while healing them.

3 Momo Yaoyorozu

Shield and deflect attacks while dealing damage

Yaoyorozu uses a huge canon in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Momo Yaoyorozu is a support hero in My Hero Ultra Rumble, although her equipment is very diverse and can easily fit into any other role in the game. Your main ability is called strike and stop, This allows her to create a melee weapon that she can swing and hit her opponents at close range. This skill isn’t particularly good at dealing damage, but can be used to interrupt enemies while they perform their abilities.

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The Unhappy box wall is probably Yaoyorozu’s best quirk, as it creates a shield that blocks all enemy attacks and projectiles. The shield can either be placed on the ground or used for a shield bash, making it a good ability for offense and defense. Momo Yaoyoruzu’s final ability is probably her most creative and is called ” Rain of bullets. This skill forms a cannon that makes ranged attacks and rains explosives on its enemies. These explosives are perfect for fighting multiple enemies at long range. Yaoyoruzu also has a special move where she drops random items on the ground that can be of use to her and her teammates.

2 Cement toss

Provide cover and revive downed allies

Cementoss My Hero Ultra Rumble

Cementoss has one of the highest skill caps in My Hero Ultra Rumble and is in the running to be the best support hero in the game. This character’s kit is based on using cement to build structures and walls, which makes it unique and fun to play with. Its main peculiarity is called column splitting, and he can shoot concrete blocks. These cement blocks deal damage to enemies and transform into pillars when they collide with a surface. You can also throw these pillars below your character to reach a high vantage point.

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Another ability of Cementoss is this load-bearing wall, with which you can build a concrete wall in front of him. These walls can be used to block enemy projectiles and also damage enemies as they form. This is also a great skill for protecting yourself from attacks or reviving downed teammates. His final ability is this structural plate, This creates a cement support point or floor in front of Cementross. This ability works best with his other abilities and can trap and trap enemies. Cementoss’ special move is one of the best in the game, as it creates a small structure that can instantly revive downed teammates and provide cover.

1 Ibara Shiozaki

Great AoE damage and revival abilities make her the best support

Ibara Shiozaki My Hero Ultra Rumble

Ibara Shiozaki is a premier support character in My Hero Ultra Rumble, perfect for solo or team play. Many people consider her to be one of the best heroes in the game, so it’s no surprise that she’s number one on our list of supporting characters. What makes Ibara so good is her range of attacks and her variety. She uses her hair to attack enemies in a move called “…” Cleaning. This skill deals significant damage and is perfect for dealing with medium and long-range enemies.

Ibara’s second ability is quite similar to her first, extending her tendril-like hair to attack enemies from a distance. This ability is called About Dolorosa and is great for dealing with multiple enemies at the same time. Her final quirk is called crucifixion and allows Ibara to trap one of her enemies within her vines, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks from Ibara or her team. This is without a doubt one of the best support skills in the game, as it allows Ibara’s teammates to deal major damage to the trapped player. Ibara’s special move is very similar to Cementoss, allowing her to instantly revive any downed teammate while providing them with cover.

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