Mysterious sinkholes connect to “haunted” Roman-era underground tunnels appear on a busy street

MYSTERIOUS sinkholes that have appeared on a busy street could be linked to a network of “haunted” houses. underground tunnels that are thousands of years old.

The unusual voids occurred on a residential street in Tredworth, Gloucester, and were cordoned off by authorities.

Several sinkholes have opened in Gloucester in recent weeks


Several sinkholes have opened in Gloucester in recent weeksPhoto credit: SWNS
They could be associated with haunted underground tunnels


They could be associated with haunted underground tunnelsPhoto credit: SWNS

Heavy rains and flooding in recent weeks are believed to have caused the new holes to form.

But local paranormal experts say they have sparked new interest in the city’s long-held rumors and legends about ancient underground chambers.

Photos have previously revealed a 22-mile network of tunnel chambers dating back to the English Civil War and World War II.

Since the sinkholes opened, many residents have contacted a local paranormal research group.

Edd Francis, from Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services, said: “We started receiving messages on our Facebook page.

“Most inquiries came from locals asking whether there could be a connection between the sinkhole and the secret tunnels believed to be under the city.”

And they believe excessive rain may have disrupted some of the lost, forgotten and secret underground tunnels and passageways.

Paul Cowmeadow, also a member of the group, added: “There are entrances to the tunnel network from the basements of several city center pubs and we have seen them.”

“The now closed Fleece Hotel has a basement entrance which leads into a bricked-up tunnel and appears to lead under Westgate Street towards the cathedral.

“The tunnel system is believed to have been used for a variety of purposes over the centuries, from smuggling to the English Civil War, and later in World War II it is rumored to have also been used by intelligence services and the military.”

Paul said he and other researchers heard a local story about the tunnels that was passed down orally through generations.

He continued: “Apparently a group of construction workers were working under the city in the tunnels on behalf of the city, carrying out major construction or maintenance work using large machinery and equipment worth thousands of pounds.”

“It is said that where they were working there were unusual occurrences, objects moving on their own, strange noises being heard and things apparently escalating quickly, with all the construction workers suddenly fleeing the tunnels and concentrating on the made way.”

“I truly believe there are many secrets beneath the pavements and streets of Gloucester, but this time it looks more like an old Victorian sewer has collapsed than the Lizardmen emerging from their underground lairs.”

A resident who lives in a house less than 30 feet from the sinkhole said: “This morning at 6:30 a guy driving to work drove into the sinkhole.”

“He did a little damage to his car because when they got him back up he was rattling along the road.”

“Then he parked and waited for almost two hours for someone to come off Highways and they gave him an accident number to give to his insurance.”

“Imagine if it were a motorcycle, that’s out of the question.”

Another concerned city resident said on Facebook: “There’s one on Sydney Street and one behind it in the ever-growing alley that’s been there for months.”

Paranormal historian and Fortean News Podcast host James Koppert said: “In April 2022, a sinkhole appeared in Rome near the Pantheon.

“Amazingly, the hole in the ground revealed the remains of a temple dating back to 27 BC. BC as well as lots of other interesting finds and clues to the past and history of the city.”

“So sinkholes in historic locations can really reveal ancient secrets and lost treasures, and with Gloucester’s history going back literally thousands of years, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a sinkhole in the city actually uncovers hidden underground structures.”

A tweet from the Gloucestershire highways team said an emergency road closure had been ordered while repairs were carried out.

The mysterious tunnels have been the subject of spooky stories and lore for decades


The mysterious tunnels have been the subject of spooky stories and lore for decadesPhoto credit: SWNS

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