Now that I’m married, the sex is better, says Kelly Brook, 43, and reveals why she’s not thinking about children yet

Tying the knot hasn’t put a damper on Kelly Brooks’ sex life with her husband Jeremy Parisi.

The radio presenter, widely regarded as one of the hottest women in showbiz, married the actor and model in Italy last summer – and she reveals they haven’t calmed down since.

Kelly Brook has revealed her sex life only got better when she married Jeremy Parisi


Kelly Brook has revealed her sex life only got better when she married Jeremy ParisiPhoto credit: F&F/Norman Rooney
Kelly revealed that she and Jeremy, 38, are not trying to have children


Kelly revealed that she and Jeremy, 38, are not trying to have childrenPhoto credit: F&F/Norman Rooney

“Not in my house,” she says. “But then we don’t have any children yet.”

Kelly, 43, previously said she wouldn’t accept that she wouldn’t become a mother after suffering two miscarriages with her ex, rugby player Thom Evans, in 2011 – but now it sounds like this one Chapter not quite finished yet.

She says she and Jeremy, 38, don’t want to have children “at the moment,” adding: “I honestly haven’t really thought about it yet. I think we were so busy getting married, working, living our lives and traveling and just being happy and grateful for what we have.”

In the meantime, she has another young child to look after – the couple’s beloved dog, Teddy.

Kelly says, “You’re asking me if I want babies? I have one. He’s furry and three years old and he’s like my little angel.”

And like babies, dogs can get in the way of sex.

Kelly admits: “He’s kind of a passion killer, our dog. We used to spend a lot of weekends in log cabins, but now we always take him with us, so it’s not quite as romantic.”

Speaking of romance, Kelly admits she had a bout of post-wedding blues after her lavish wedding ceremony.

“Terrible images”

She says: “When you get married, people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a day’ – and that’s not the case, it’s a year of preparation. Then you get married and it’s a year of descent.”

But does their eight-year relationship feel different now that they’re married?

“Not much has really changed for us,” says Kelly.

“The strangest thing is just changing my name and being Ms. Parisi. The other day my driver’s license came through and I thought, ‘Oh my God.’ I’ve been Kelly Parsons (her birth name) or Kelly Brook for 44 years.”

The former Big Breakfast presenter, who says it is “too complicated” to use her husband’s surname professionally, believes married life has brought about some positive changes in her outlook on life.

She says: “It’s a beautiful time to open another part of my heart and think about someone else.

“Part of my development as a mature woman is not being so selfish. I definitely feel like it’s opened up a world for me and that I’m a much nicer person now that I’m married.

“You’re just a bit narcissistic and selfish when you’re single and young. Now it’s about someone else.”

Kelly talks about how she knew Jeremy was the one: “I didn’t see a future with anyone else.

“I definitely didn’t want to do it alone. I think it’s much easier when there are two of you. You’ve become a team, haven’t you?”

But that doesn’t mean the beloved star doesn’t still want to be an independent woman.

She says: “I definitely feel like you should still have your own thing going.

“For me it’s like two pillars growing together at the same time. One doesn’t rely on the other, if that makes sense. Because if you’re weaker, you’ll fall over.

“I didn’t marry Jeremy because he makes me happy. I make myself happy. No one else can do that for you.”

Kelly is known for her enviable figure, but she admits there was a time when she wasn’t happy being shapely.

She says: “I was held back so much in my career as a curvy girl. When I would come to shoots, they would look at me and say, “No, next!”

Kelly and Jeremy met in 2014


Kelly and Jeremy met in 2014

“I just didn’t adjust the sample sizes because the samples were so small, but now brands are being more inclusive and recognizing that girls are all different shapes and sizes.

“I’m just a curvy girl, so I think even on a diet I’ll always have boobs and a butt. As long as I’m healthy and fit and feel happy and can get out of bed and look in the mirror without throwing up, I think I’ll be fine.”

The only photos of herself that Kelly doesn’t like are the ones Jeremy takes.

She reveals: “My husband takes terrible pictures of me on holiday. I don’t even recognize myself.”

But whatever she feels about her appearance, Kelly is adamant she won’t have surgery.

The Heart Radio Drivetime presenter says: “I want to look like me. I don’t want to look like a plastic version of myself.

“I work in radio, so no one really cares what I look like anymore.

“I don’t have Botox. You can see my face moving. I hate needles. The fewer people bother me, the better.”

After living in the Kent countryside for 17 years, Kelly moved back to London during the pandemic and admits her husband needed to be somewhere a little more “cosmopolitan”.

She says: “It was a new beginning. Now that I’m married, it’s all about that compromise.

“I would like to play Puss in Boots”

“My husband is from France. He speaks Italian and French and wants to live in a cosmopolitan city where he doesn’t just hear English on the street and where it’s just a bit more lively.

“It feels a little more like Paris and it’s exactly the place we want to be together.”

Not only did Kelly get rid of her country house, but she also threw away her belongings from the past – including pictures of her famous ex-girlfriends.

Kelly, who dated Hollywood actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane, destroyed mementos of her previous relationships with Jeremy’s help.

She explains: “He was pulling boxes out of my storage unit and I said, ‘Oh, just go and burn this on the bonfire up in the field’.”

“I think there was a particular image of Billy Zane that just wouldn’t burn. He said it was like Billy was staring at him and refusing to leave.

“I cleaned up the mess. I auctioned off all my clothes from the ’90s. I sold everything. It was so cathartic.”

Kelly’s new F&F Christmas range, which includes candles, jumpers and wrapping paper, fits perfectly with her new low-key lifestyle.

She says: “This is the first time we’ve ditched everything and gone for a real Scandi look. This was inspired by me moving to London and since the pandemic I’ve been living a much cleaner lifestyle where there are more muted tones and everything is just a bit quieter.”

Not content with a day job in radio and a lifestyle range, the ambitious star tells us she’d love to be on stage over Christmas too.

She says: “I love panto. I would probably like to play Puss in Boots. I would love it.”

If she wanted an acting job, would she ever consider a role in a soap?

After all, she’d feel right at home with a pint in EastEnders’ Queen Vic.

“Yes, look, I’m open to anything. As long as it’s within the M25!”

  • Kelly’s home and clothing range is available in selected Tesco stores.
Kelly's home and clothing range is available in selected Tesco stores


Kelly’s home and clothing range is available in selected Tesco storesPhoto credit: F&F/Norman Rooney
Kelly's new F&F Christmas home range includes candles, jumpers and wrapping paper


Kelly’s new F&F Christmas home range includes candles, jumpers and wrapping paperPhoto credit: F&F/Norman Rooney

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