On a remote Greek island, locals are studied who “live forever” into old age thanks to stress-free lives and sex.

On a remote Greek island, there are locals who “live forever” thanks to a stress-free life and sex well into old age.

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, look no further than the 99-square-mile island of Ikaria.

The island of Ikaria in Greece is known for its locals who live long and healthy lives


The island of Ikaria in Greece is known for its locals who live long and healthy livesPhoto credit: Getty
The inhabitants of Icaria are said to prefer a relaxed lifestyle and a special diet


The inhabitants of Icaria are said to prefer a relaxed lifestyle and a special dietPhoto credit: Shutterstock

Known as the island of longevity, one in three residents reaches the age of 90.

And the picturesque retreat claims to be home to more Nonagans than any other place on the planet.

They not only live longer, but also live better than most other nations when it comes to their health.

But what is the secret of her long and successful life?

Icarians follow a different lifestyle than most people in big cities.

A study from the University of Athens School of Medicine analyzed the diets of hundreds of Icarians and found that they consumed plenty of beans and fish – and only ate meat about five times a month.

They also found that the Icarians consumed pesticide-free vegetables from their own gardens.

The Ikaria study also found that the diets of the elderly islanders were low in refined sugar but high in olive oil.

They found that the islanders drank two to three cups of coffee and two to four glasses of wine daily.

And residents lived longer before developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia and depression.

Supported by National GeographicBest-selling author and longevity writer Dan Buettner visited the island and discovered another clue to their long-lived, happy lives.

During their interviews with Ikarians over 90, most reported that they were still sexually active.

Mr Büttner described the picturesque paradise as an “island of gods and immortals” where people “don’t count the years”.

Scientific studies have also found that locals often sleep and drink herbal tea.

And the islanders’ use of unheated olive oil was believed to increase good cholesterol.

They often ate goat’s milk, which was used in feta and contained tryptophan, which boosts the so-called “happy chemical” serotonin.

And one of the simplest reasons why the Icarians lived so long, according to scientific studies, was that the islanders were simply relaxed and happy in life.

Ikarians also benefit from an outdoor lifestyle in harmony with nature, where “stress and loneliness are almost non-existent,” reports National Geographic.

Their close-knit communities and self-sufficient lives have also contributed to the islanders’ renowned health.

The island is one of the world’s five Blue Zones, which are regions of the world where people routinely exceed the global average life expectancy.

One of these is the Japanese island of Okinawa, which is said to be home to the longest life expectancy of women in the world.

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and the Italian tourism beauty destination of Sardinia are also on the list.

And Loma Linda in California is also known for its healthy lifestyle.



The picturesque island lies in the Aegean Sea


The picturesque island lies in the Aegean SeaPhoto credit: Alamy
Locals enjoy swimming and an active outdoor lifestyle


Locals enjoy swimming and an active outdoor lifestylePhoto credit: Shutterstock

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