Overwatch 2 players are next begging for a Cassidy rework as the damage hero is described as the “most unrewarding.”

Overwatch 2 players are calling for a Cassidy rework as the DPS is criticized for having the “most unrewarding” gameplay in light of recent nerfs.

Part of the original 21 released heroes, Cassidy has been one of the game’s most important DPS heroes since the early days of Overwatch. However, he hadn’t considered any revisions in the years since the game’s release.

Since 2016, Cassidy’s equipment has remained largely the same. The only notable change during the transition to Overwatch 2 was that his flash grenade was replaced with the magnet grenade. However, it worked quite similarly to the original.

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And after the developers reworked two of Overwatch’s oldest characters for second edition, Sombra and Roadhog, in Season 7, players are asking about a possible Cassidy rework next.

The discussion originally started on the Overwatch subreddit when a player opened a conversation about Cassidy’s “unrewarding” gameplay and criticized his damage output compared to other heroes.

“I wish they would just move away from this tricky close and mid-range style of play that is no fun for anyone,” the player wrote. “It’s just incredible how overshadowed he is by other middle-class heroes.”

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“There are always comparisons to Ashe when you mention his terrible range, but we have to look at his strength compared to all hitscans. Even support hitscans do more damage to him from a distance.”

The player suspected that Cassidy needed a change to his primary fire to compensate for his lack of ranged damage ability, even if it meant removing his grenade entirely.

This call comes as Cassidy has received a number of balance improvements over the months, most recently having his grenade cooldown increased through a nerf.

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Many players in the comments agreed with this sentiment, with one saying: “[Cassidy] Already had problems and then they nerf his cooldown with 0 compensation or explanation for it. I don’t know anyone who actually believes he was good to begin with.”

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