Playboy Bunny Murder: Three clues that could solve Eve Stratford’s murder and its eerie similarity to another woman’s death

THE three clues that could solve cover girl Eve Stratford’s murder and its chilling similarity to another woman’s death have been revealed.

Playboy Bunny Eve Stratford was the victim of a murder that has remained unsolved for over 50 years.

Eve moved from Germany to London to pursue her modeling career


Eve moved from Germany to London to pursue her modeling careerPhoto credit: LNS: London News Service
It landed on the front pages of Mayfair


It landed on the front pages of MayfairCredit:

Eve’s murder sent shockwaves through London’s nightlife. Both a top magazine editor and a successful businessman were interrogated by the police.

On March 17, 1975, she was brutally murdered in London after her Mayfair shoot.

She was discovered by her boyfriend Tony Priest in a bloodbath with horrific wounds to her throat.

Police believed that Eve’s murder was connected to the murders of Lynne Weedon and Lynda Farrow.

However, no charges have been filed and the deaths remain a cold case.

A new ITVX documentary – The Playboy Bunny Murder – reveals three new clues that could solve the murders.

“He is the copper bridge”

In the documentary, the mother of the 1979 murdered victim Lynda Farrow shared important facts about the possible suspect.

In the clip, Gladys Hayes revealed the alleged perpetrator’s profession.

Ms Hayes said she believed the man could be a former police officer.

She said: “He’s the one. He is the policeman. He was a former police officer, former customs officer, former Arab guard.”

Possible motive

During an interview, Ms Hayes said she heard friends of her husband Paul Farrow admit to her that they had murdered Eve.

She said: “They laughed and told how he had fooled the police and when they did that to that Eve, what’s her name, that’s when she found out what they had done.”

The mother then explained how the men revealed the killer’s possible motive.

Gladys added: “This person was in trouble with an Arab, wasn’t he? And they hired this man to go after this girl.” [Eve Stratford].”

Horrifying parallels

In 1979, Lynda was found murdered under circumstances eerily similar to Eve’s.

The 29-year-old was stabbed multiple times and then kneeled on her back and head with a razor-sharp knife.

Eve was also found with severe stab wounds to her neck.

Despite Lynda’s claims, criminologists were not convinced there was a connection between the two deaths.

Professor David Wilson explained: “I think her detective work is that of a mother desperate to get justice for her daughter.”

“What I gathered from the tapes was that there was a piece of information that she had gotten from the newspapers over there, a piece of information that she had picked up from someone who had told her something from over there.

“Almost like a magpie, picking out shiny bits of information and building a coherent whole.”

Paul Farrow has been cleared by police of any involvement in the death of his estranged wife.

And the Metropolitan Police recently announced this ITV program that the police officer she is referring to has been excluded from the investigation.

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