Rainbow Six Siege patch notes (November 2023)

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooters that is constantly adding new content. If you want to find out what’s new, check out the Rainbow Six Siege patch notes below.

I’m most excited about the new Operator Tubarão and his freezer set coming with the Y8S4 update. The new Battle Pass grid also looks fantastic and is so easy to navigate that we no longer have any problems collecting all the cosmetics.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4 Update Patch Notes (November 13)


  • Operator: Tubarao
  • Map: Hideout
  • Rainbow Six Marketplace Beta
  • Versus AI Playlist Beta
  • Card training playlist
  • Player comfort
    • Controller remapping
    • Controller deadzone adjustment
    • Lean behavior of the controller
    • Several spectators
  • Battle Pass Grid Update
  • Seasonal weapon skin
  • Street Fighter Skins

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Operator compensation

IQ loadout

  • Secondary Gadgets: Added Frag Grenades.
  • 552 COMMAND
    • Damage: 43 HP (out of 47).
    • Stronger vertical and horizontal recoil.

Lion loadout

  • Secondary Weapons: Gonne-6 removed.
  • Secondary Gadgets: Fragmentation grenades added, EMP impact grenades removed.

Sens loadout

  • Secondary Weapons: Gonne-6 removed.
  • Secondary Gadgets: Added Frag Grenades.

Osa loadout

  • Secondary Gadgets: Added Frag Grenades. Smoke grenades removed.

Blackbeard loadout

  • Secondary Gadgets: Added Frag Grenades. EMP impact grenades removed.

Captain loadout

  • Secondary Gadgets: Added EMP grenades.

Grim loadout

  • Secondary Gadgets: Added EMP impact grenades. The violation charge was removed.
  • 552 COMMAND
    • Damage: 43 HP (out of 47)
    • Stronger vertical and horizontal recoil


  • Bulletproof glass
    • The bulletproof glass shatters if a drilling projectile successfully explodes after drilling.
    • This change affects all bulletproof glasses: Black Mirror Window, Evil Eye, Talon Shield, Bulletproof Camera, Deployable Shield.
  • Ash’s breaching missile
    • The breakthrough grenade is considered a drilling projectile.
  • Kali’s V-Lance
    • The V-lance is considered a drilling projectile.
    • Note that the V-Lance does not pierce gadgets; It only drills through surfaces (the Black Mirror Window is considered part of the wall).

Maestro loadout

  • Main Ability: 3 Evil Eyes (out of 2)
  • Evil look
    • Battery: 6 seconds (out of 5)
    • Overheat: 6 seconds (out of 5)

Changes in the playlist ecosystem

Added Quick Match map pool update:

  • Hereford base
  • Airplane
  • Presidential plane
  • yacht
  • fortress
  • Emerald plains
  • Stadion
  • Night port
  • cave

Standard map pool update:

  • Oregon
  • Clubhouse
  • consulate
  • Bank
  • channel
  • chalet
  • Cafe Dostoyevsky
  • Border
  • skyscraper
  • coast
  • amusement park
  • villa
  • Outback
  • Emerald plains
  • Night port
  • cave

Ranked map pool update

  • Added: Hideout
  • Removed: Stadium

Permanent arcade

  • Impact grenades and the Oryx Hatch Climb ability have been added to all operators in the Free for All game mode.

Free for all

  • Lair has been added to the map pool and Stadium has been removed.

Death throes

  • Lair has been added to the map pool and Stadium has been removed.

golden weapon

  • Added Lair to the map pool.

Gun roulette

  • Lair has been added to the map pool and Stadium has been removed.

Non-banishable card

  • Lair will be an unlockable map for the entire season. Try the new Lair map in any playlist!

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Main menu bi-weekly

  • Reorganized player information in the top menu.
  • New squad status display.

Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2.0

  • FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 is a temporal upscaling algorithm that produces high-resolution images from lower-resolution inputs. It favors quality over performance.

Y8S4.0 download size

  • When the season starts, the download size will be larger than usual: ~50 GB. The aim of this change is to reduce the size of the hard drive from around 70GB to around 50GB.

Most important bug fixes

  • Equipment changes between rounds when an idle operator is selected.
  • The round ends in a draw when a volcanic canister near a hostage is destroyed and Goyo is eliminated.
  • Zero’s Argus Launcher does not lose sight of its crosshairs or laser when disabled by the Bulletproof Camera EMP.
  • Hard Breach Charge cannot be used on a small area of ​​the reinforced wall.
  • Hostages can trigger Lesion’s Gu mines.
  • Basic tutorial progress can be soft locked in a number of ways.
  • The attack tutorial will automatically lock if the AI ​​destroys the drone.
  • Damage decay and damage curves do not match the description when there are 2 players in custom play or at the shooting range.
  • Players cannot lean while holding a drone and using the controller at the same time.
  • Players will not be able to use the feature if they own one of several observation tools.
  • Kapkan’s entry denial device can be deployed through Azami’s Kiba barrier.
  • Iana can sprint after reviving herself from Frost’s Welcome Mat.
  • Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine location list appears as a placeholder when placed on the outer tower in EXT Back Alley of the theme park map.
  • Players affected by Fenrir’s F-NATT Dreadmine will experience incorrect animations while leaning left and running.
  • Grim’s Kawan Hive will be destroyed if shot within range of Mute’s Signal Disruptor.
  • Valkyrie’s Black Eye is a loss signal when thrown to the ceiling on the 2F Astronomy of the Villa card.
  • Valkyrie’s Black Eye loses signal when thrown into the cracks in the ceiling on the map “1F Frontier Main Staircase”.
  • Downed players are not affected by Sens’ ROU projector system.
  • The floating wall will remain for a few seconds after Sen’s ROU projector is destroyed during use.
  • Clash can fire her weapon before the weapon switching animation ends.
  • Incorrect animations play for Zofia and Tachanka when reviving with Thunderbird’s Kona Station
  • A Kludge Drone hacked by a defender will no longer be able to hack if Dokkaebi takes over the defender’s observation tools.
  • Goyo’s volcano canister becomes invisible or gets stuck when a drone is deployed at the same time.
  • The Amaru Garra hook can be clamped through the wall.
  • Amaru’s Garra Hook Launcher loses functionality if the player goes prone when releasing the hook.
  • Zero’s Argus Camera can be hidden by destructible map elements.
  • Various animation issues.
  • The rotation of the RTS camera is reversed when viewing a game as a spectator.
  • Card text and preview load incorrectly when loading multiple custom online matches.
  • HUD disappears for defenders when attackers pick up hostage.
  • The host cannot send an invite to the viewer if the team’s lobby is full.
  • The request to accompany the hostage is missing if a previous attempt to seize them is aborted in the middle.
  • During the replay, the hip fire crosshairs are missing.
  • The LEDs of the deployed Breach Charge are blue, regardless of the team’s color options.
  • Some gadgets and weapons remain on the screen during the victory screen.
  • The target switching mode on the controller is different from the target switching mode on the PC.
  • Various audio issues.
  • Various UI issues.
  • Various spectator mode issues.

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