Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4 – Release Date, New Character and More

R6 says it’s time for winter with its latest operation, Deep Freeze. Check out all the information about Rainbow Six Siege Year 8’s upcoming fourth season, release date, new character and more!

When does R6 Operation Deep Freeze come out?

The release date for R6 Operation Deep Freeze is November 28, 2023, once Operation Heavy Mettle ends. However, if like me you are very interested in the new Rainbow Six Siege updates, you can install and try out the Rainbow Six test servers that are now active.

New Rainbow Six Siege operator Tubarao

Image via Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Siege operator is Tubarao, inclusion in the defense list. He is equipped with throwable Zoto canisters that freeze any area they come into contact with.

The attackers are slowed as they step across the frozen ground. They also leave visible footprints on the ground, but there’s a catch. The footprints can also be seen on the ceiling from the floor below, making Tubarão an intelligence officer.

The Zoto Canisters also affect devices by either stopping them completely or pausing them for the duration of the freeze. With breakers like Thermite, his attack will only be paused, giving you a few precious seconds to plan your next move. The canisters also affect Claymores, allowing Tubarão to sneak up on attackers who think they are safe.

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Tubarão gives Bandit a buff, freezes the reinforced walls and lets Bandit trick just like Kaid. I tried tricking Bandit and died too many times, so you can tell I’m very excited about this update. Tubarão also works brilliantly with Kaid and Mute, joining their group of gadget deniers.

The Zoto Canisters do not work with Frag Grenades, Maverick’s Torch, or Zofia’s Explosive Charge. Twitch drones and Zoro cameras can destroy them. However, since the effect only lasts a few seconds, it may be best to wait and use the lasers to destroy other devices.

New Rainbow Six Siege map “Lair”

Image via Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Siege map ‘Cave’ takes place on the coast of Portugal. It is the hideout of Deimos, a former Rainbow operator who has gone rogue. This military facility is located in a huge cave and consists of three floors: the basement, the first and the second.

Set in cave systems, featuring a shooting range and a unique layout, this map looks like it would be fun to play on. Let’s hope it’s as good as it seems since Lair cannot be banned during Operation Deep Freeze.

Rainbow Six Siege x Street Fighter

Image via Ubisoft

The new update brings us a collaboration between Rainbow Six Siege and Street Fighter. With these Ying and Grim Street Fighter character skins you can play as Chun-li and Ryu. Yes, they bring their fists to a gunfight. In addition to the Operator Skins, these cosmetic packs also include Weapon Skins, Amulets, and Operator Portraits.

If you want to learn more about R6, check out this Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list in Pro Game Guides.

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