Roblox responds to class action lawsuit as parents claim game “grooms” children

Roblox Corporation has responded to a class action lawsuit filed by parents who claim the game “cultivates” their children and spreads sexual content.

Roblox Corporation was named in a Parents’ civil suitclaiming the company misrepresented their game as safe and suitable for their children.

The lawsuit accuses Roblox developers of negligent misrepresentation and false advertising, alleging that the game shows children inappropriate content due to inadequate filtering and moderation, which results in children being shown explicit content and engaging in inappropriate encounters.

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The lawsuit also alleges that Roblox’s deceptive marketing tricked parents into spending money on the platform, with the parents in the lawsuit spending thousands of dollars on the game.

Roblox responds to class action lawsuit as parents claim game is "personal hygiene" ChildrenRoblox

Roblox has been named in a lawsuit alleging children were exposed to sexual content.

In one Statement to PC Gamer Regarding the lawsuit, Roblox said: “We deny the allegations and will respond in court.” Roblox is committed to providing a positive and safe experience for people of all ages.

“We have an expert team of thousands of people dedicated to Roblox moderation and security 24/7, and we respond quickly to block inappropriate content or behavior when it is discovered, including sexual content that violates our Community standards violated.”

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Roblox is named in the lawsuit alleging that sexual content was shown to minors

The lawsuit claims children were exposed to “naked avatars, avatars engaging in sexual intercourse and using sex toys, and virtual strip clubs.”

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, a mother, said she discovered that her then seven-year-old son was receiving sexual messages through the game’s messaging service: “Several users sent her child abusive and profane messages directly through Roblox’s messaging service.”

The lawsuit goes into detail: “A user asked her son to appear virtually [acts] on his in-game avatar. Another user asked their son to show them his genitals, and another called it a malicious racial slur.”

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Another plaintiff in the lawsuit, Damon Uhl, said CBS News that his daughter was “manipulated and groomed” by an adult who made contact through Roblox, which eventually turned into contact outside of the game.

“There is a misconception that Roblox is safe,” said Alexandra Walsh, founder of Walsh Law, the firm representing the parent company in the lawsuit. “Parents who would never allow their children to use TikTok won’t think twice about allowing them on Roblox, even though what they encounter on Roblox can be far more harmful.”

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This lawsuit is not the only lawsuit Roblox Corporation is currently facing. In August, Roblox was named in a lawsuit that claimed children were being exposed to “illegal gambling” because Roblox’s in-game currency tends to be used on illegal Robux gambling sites.

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