Several ladies are trashing an older woman on Facebook

After a group of older women began trashing an elderly woman on Facebook, several people stood up for her and silenced the many naysayers.

Allison DeGrushe – Author
A group of older women are criticizing social media influencer Candace Leslie Cima over a dress she wore in a video.
Source: Instagram / @lifeinmy70s

In the words of Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

I don’t know about you, but I would Love to live in a world where women support other women. I’m so tired of women tearing each other down for no apparent reason when we should be lifting each other up.

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You would think things would be different in the 21st century, but unfortunately nothing has changed; Discrimination and body shaming still exist, and the latest victim of these acts is Candace Leslie Cima (@lifeinmy70s). In mid-October 2023, the influencer was confronted with harsh comments from other seniors who criticized her appearance and clothing.

Read on for more details and keep scrolling to see what others have to say about this frustrating situation.

A group of older women clap.
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A group of older ladies are tearing down this beautiful woman on Facebook.

In a now-viral video posted on October 18, 2023, Candace modeled a beautiful sleeveless bodycon knit dress. The mid-length ensemble included a matching boxy sweater, which the fashion influencer slipped over the dress (she noted that it could also be worn over the shoulder).

Anyway, I think Candace looked incredible in this dress – but others couldn’t agree more. In fact, several older women had the audacity to disparage the influencer’s body and outfit in the comments section.

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“I think you’re a little too mature for this dress. “You’re skinny and good looking, but you shouldn’t expose your arms and shoulders,” one person wrote. “You don’t have enough elasticity and you don’t have a butt, [so you should wear] something more fitting that looks softer.

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A second woman said: “That’s not the most revealing dress for you. Yes, you’re slim, but you don’t have a butt either. But if you insist on wearing it, please don’t do it without a top.”

“It looks much better with the top on,” added a third older woman. “You’re in great shape, but at our age, the dress alone is too naked.” Ugh, just let Candace live her life!

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"Not flattering at all. Would never wear it alone. Too old to show so much skin"
Source: Facebook

“Viewed from the side and back, this dress does nothing to you,” another woman rudely commented. “A fitted fit below the waist is not your friend. Celebrate everything else about your body!”

Someone else responded harshly: “Great color and style; However, you must wear the sweater over it. The dress doesn’t look attractive on you without the sweater over it.”

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Candace’s post went viral on other social media platforms.

On November 7th a woman named Maggie (@LibertyAnders) took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and briefly discussed the situation regarding Candace and her bitter followers.

“The grandma-on-grandma violence on Facebook is real,” Maggie explained. “This woman looks incredible in her 70s and all the comments are about older women tearing her apart because of her body and her outfit.”

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Since then, many of Maggie’s followers have migrated to Facebook to leave positive comments on Candace’s video.

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people on Twitter have caught wind of this video and are talking about how gorgeous you are,” one person wrote in the comments section of the video. “I don’t know why the comments here are so negative. You look incredible!”

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Another wrote: “Someone posted this on Twitter and [I] I came to tell you that you look absolutely amazing. Beautiful body, you look great.” I couldn’t agree more; she is it rock this dress!

“It makes me so sad to see that many women don’t age because they are so evil and bitter towards other women,” another said. “You look AMAZING and don’t let those jealous people think otherwise!”

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"She doesn't have to hide her body. There is nothing wrong with wearing it with or without a top. I prefer it shirtless because her body is so stunning!"
Source: Facebook

“I can’t believe women over 50 STILL act jealous and immature about their looks?! “You look great and you better strut the streets in that dress, ma’am!” said one woman. “Don’t let these negative words discourage you and I hope you enjoy your fashion journey!!”

Yes, say it louder for the people in the back!

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