Should I buy Symbiote abilities?

About halfway through Spider-Man 2’s main story, Peter becomes bonded to the symbiote and gains access to its unique suit and abilities. At this point, additional skills in his skill tree that match the color become available for purchase.

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It quickly becomes clear that the symbiote suit is not good for Peter as it begins to negatively affect him and his feelings. Some players may see the possibility of him losing color as the story progresses and may not want to invest their valuable skill points into skills that will eventually disappear.

Updated November 12, 2023 by Joshua Leeds: The Symbiote abilities are some of the best abilities Peter can use and are worth the investment in points for most of the game. This article has been updated to include additional links to help players understand what to do when investing in symbiote abilities and when they are lost.

****This article contains spoilers for the main story of Spider-Man 2****

Will Peter lose his symbiote abilities?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker in battle in a symbiote suite

Without going into the story reasons why, yes, later in the game, Peter will lose the symbiote and the abilities that come with it. Even though the symbiote is lost, these abilities are still worth investing in After two main missions without the suit, these unique abilities will return to Peter in some way.

In the time without the symbiote, These skills can still be seen in the skills menu. and further upgrades can be purchased for them. For those who want the powerful Symbiote abilities back, there are advancements Complete the next two main missions and complete Doing Everything Right. it will be completely Re-open Peter’s skill tree for the rest of the game.

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Is Venom a playable character?

2000x1000 Spider-Man 2 Venom

Venom becomes a playable character in the game but in a short and limited way. After losing the symbiote, Peter finds another host who gives Venom free rein. This makes Venom a playable character rampages through Oscorp and into the city of New York. Poison has some skills and a unique fighting style This is different than the previous two Spider-Men.

While playing as Venom, he did it Set stats and skills. While Venom is as powerful as he is only has a focus bar and none of the health or damage upgrades that players have unlocked throughout the game. Poison too Gains more focus from attacks by attacking enemies than dodging attacks like Spider-Man.

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Should you buy symbiote abilities?

Peter uses a symbiote ability in battle

Symbiote abilities are incredibly powerful and should be taken full advantage of immediately with as many skill upgrades as possible. While these abilities are locked for a short time, both required story missions can be completed quickly to give Peter these powers back. There is a difficult boss fight to complete as Peter in one of these missions without the symbiote, So make sure he has some other useful skills he can use. The symbiote’s abilities that are temporarily lost are:

  • Symbiote Strike
  • Symbiote Yank
  • Symbiote Strike
  • Symbiote explosion

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