Tate and Violet’s relationship arc, explained


  • American Horror Story’s Tate and Violet were the series’ problematic Romeo and Juliet.
  • Apocalypse brings the couple back together in an emotional scene, but at the same time reconnects them so as not to erase their abusive past.
  • Violet and Tate are just one example of American Horror Story’s long line of toxic relationships that create compelling stories about twisted characters.

Sexual assault and rape are mentioned below.

Ryan Murphys American horror story started strong, with the first season, Murder House, turning haunted house tropes on their head. It presented a ghost story with a sexy, modern feel. Despite the season’s many subplots, Violet and Tate’s love story captivated audiences enough to warrant a repeat seven seasons later Apocalypse. But what started as a seemingly innocent teenage romance quickly turned into one of them AHSThe most terrible relationships.

In Murder House, Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon meet at Violet’s new home shortly after the Harmon family moves in. Tate is leaving a therapy session with Violet’s father when he notices the girl cutting herself in the bathroom. From there, they approach family drama: Violet’s father cheated on her mother, while Tate’s mother is unstable. As they listen to tapes and discuss their outsider status, this moment illustrates the angst of a teenager. However, Tate has a dark secret.

Updated November 8, 2023 by Katie Doll: Tate and Violet are the It couple of American Horror Story, depicting an intoxicating romance set against a backdrop of horrific circumstances. But they were just the beginning of the American Horror Story couples who thrived on abuse.

Tate and Violet were the terrible Romeo and Juliet from AHS

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In 1994, Tate committed a mass shooting at his high school in which 15 students were killed. Afterwards, Tate returned home – now Violet’s house – where he was shot and killed by a SWAT team. Therefore, Tate’s spirit was trapped on the property. The revelation shocks Violet, who must contend not only with her lover’s status as a mass murderer, but also with her status as a ghost.

However, Murder HouseThe bigger twist reveals that, unknown to her, Violet is Also died after an overdose. While Tate tried to save her, he failed and buried her body in a crawlspace. Since Violet is still unaware of her death, Tate decides that she should choose to “die.” He suggests that Violet take some pills so she can stay in the house with him forever. Violet is horrified by this Romeo and Juliet-inspired plan and runs away. But every time she tries to leave the property, she teleports back in. The discovery prompts Tate to show Violet her body in the crawlspace and admit what actually happened.

As the two continue their relationship, Tate’s other sinister deeds catch up with him. Aside from the school shooting when he was alive, Tate still has a killing streak. In addition to killing most of the previous homeowners, Tate also raped Violet’s mother. When Violet learns of Tate’s behavior, she breaks up with him in an emotional scene.

Tate’s violent history cannot be forgiven – not even by love

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Go in American horror story season 8, ApocalypseNot much changed between the ex-lovers. Violet still refuses to talk to Tate because of what he did to her mother. Despite this, she admits that she still loves him, even though she wishes she didn’t. As Madison Montgomery (from Circle Fame) convinces her that Tate has changed, even though he is a murderous psychopath. She even expresses that dark forces caused Tate to do all of these bad things, which is a problematic explanation that removes all blame and makes him the victim rather than the perpetrator.

Against her better judgment, Violet finds Tate and they have an emotional reunion. Even though it initially seems like the two will get a happy ending, that’s not entirely the case. When Mallory travels back in time to kill the teenage Michael, the future changes. Therefore, the apocalypse never happens and neither does Violet and Tate’s reunion. While that may be some consolation to fans opposed to her abusive, tumultuous relationship, it doesn’t erase it entirely her Past.

Tate hoped for a “love heals all” relationship. However, this was not a solution to his evil behavior. Tate’s murderous nature elevated him far beyond the typical “bad boy” type. He was primarily responsible for ruining an innocent girl’s life. Because of this, Violet and Tate’s relationship was terrible, even if a small part of Tate’s cold heart genuinely loves her.

There is no denying that Tate and Violet are in an abusive relationship, which has inherent dangers given Tate’s sexual assaults and murders. Despite some fans’ tendency to romanticize the couple, they remain a notorious match AHS. However, American horror story is a horror series that depicts people’s fears and evil in a fictional setting. And Murder House did what the series does best by making twisted characters compelling to watch.

The long series of problematic relationships in American Horror Story

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American horror story is not one to shy away from controversy. Tate’s disturbing past as a school shooter and rapist is evidence of this. But Violet and Tate were just the beginning of a difficult relationship that explored the complexities of human love.

In Murder House themselves, Violet’s parents, Ben and Vivien, have never been role models for their daughter, using the move to repair their relationship instead of talking things out or breaking up. cultAlly and Ivy use gaslighting and their son as a means to win their battles in the troubled relationship. The Countess had a lot of unhealthy relationships hotel, with a desire for revenge and lust, leading to ruthless assassinations. Zachary Quintos Sam and Theo in NYC were incredibly toxic together, with Sam often treating Theo more like a possession than

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Violet and Tate

Season 1, Murder House

Ben and Vivien

Season 1, Murder House

The Countess and Donovan

season 5, hotel

The Countess and James Patrick March

season 5, hotel

Ally and Ivy

season 7, cult

Sam and Theo

Season 11, NYC

The problem that stands out for Violet and Tate in most of these relationships is the sensationalism of the abuse, particularly among some fans. It’s not an uncommon problem with American horror story, a series that frequently uses rape as a shock factor or as a plot device to advance the narrative. On the other hand, you can see American horror storyis the intention to exploit how unconventional and complicated love can be. And it’s all thanks to that Murder HouseTate and Violet set the tone for twisted relationships steeped in messy and toxic tropes.

American Horror Story is available to stream on Hulu.

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