Teenage son doesn’t want Christmas in November for his birthday

A woman revealed the only thing her November baby wants for his birthday this year is for his family to stop their early Christmas celebrations.

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TikToker @marybucklwr revealed that her son was born in November and all he wants for his 15th birthday is for his family to pause their early Christmas celebrations.
Source: TikTok / @marybucklwr

I don’t know about you, but every year the holiday season arrives earlier and earlier! This year I was ready to start decorating for Christmas in September – which is definitely the case Away too early – but ultimately I decided to wait until mid-October instead because that’s more appropriate, right?

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Unfortunately, many would disagree, including TikTok creator Mary Buck (@marybucklwr) teenage son. However, I think he has a pretty good reason why he doesn’t want his family to get into the Christmas spirit too early.

With that in mind, keep scrolling for more details! Plus, read on to find out what social media has to say.

Christmas decorations around the house.
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This woman’s son wants a “no Christmas November” for his birthday.

In the viral video posted on November 5, 2023, Mary filmed her son playing with his cell phone near the pool. With the camera on the teenager, Mary told her followers: “This child asks for nothing; “It’s a November baby and his 15th birthday is coming up and the only thing he wants for his birthday is a ‘No Christmas November.'”

“He doesn’t want Christmas carols in November, he doesn’t want Christmas decorations, anything festive,” she added. “However, his sisters are both ready to put up their Christmas decorations.”

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As her son looked up at her, Mary asked her followers, “What are we going to do?”

Well, I hope you grant your son’s wish and give him a “no Christmas November” because that would obviously mean a lot to him. Plus, it shows that you care about him and his happiness – doesn’t every parent want to make their little ones happy, especially on their birthday?!

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TikTok agreed that Mary should give her son a “No Christmas November.”

Mary’s video has been viewed more than 610,000 times as of this writing; It also received over 4,600 comments from other TikTokers who agreed that Mary should give her son a No Christmas November.

“No Christmas November seems like a legitimate request,” one person wrote alongside a red heart emoji.

"He feels overshadowed by Christmas. The fact that he asks for it and puts it into words says a lot."
Source: TikTok

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A second user agreed, writing: “After 15 years of probably eclipsing his birthday, I think that’s fair.”

“I feel like it’s not inappropriate to give this to him,” a third TikToker commented. “It costs nothing to honor that birthday wish.”

Another user shared, “Being a November baby also born on Thanksgiving…I get it. I hate seeing Christmas decorations so early. At least wait until Black Friday to decorate them.”

“Everyone deserves a birthday that focuses on them. This is an important reminder,” another replied, adding that Mary “could have a huge Christmas decorating party.” [on] December 1st for his sisters.

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A few December babies also spoke up, urging Mary to grant her son this simple wish.

“My birthday is in December so I can’t avoid Christmas but please do this for him,” one TikToker wrote.

Another person replied: “As a December baby, our birthdays are scattered between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It sounds like he wants to be recognized on his special day.”

"Apparently it's just me wondering why it can't be a simple compromise the week after his birthday lmao"
Source: TikTok

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“As a December baby, he’s begging you to mention his birthday and not the holidays,” a third user explained.

This social media user announced: “As a December baby please do this for him! It’s hard to feel like your birthday isn’t a priority! I’m turning 26 and it still bothers me.”

What do you think? Should Mary give her son a No Christmas November? Let us know!

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