The Best Among Us Pets, Ranked


  • The Glitch Pet, based on the Twitch logo, is considered one of the best pets in Among Us due to its recognizable and iconic design.
  • Among Us is collaborating with Ratchet & Clank to introduce the Clank Pet, which is expected to become a memorable pet in the game.
  • The Mini Crewmate DLC offers adorable mini crewmate children who change color based on their skin and have stolen the hearts of players worldwide.

Among Us is the hottest new party game in the gaming world at the moment. This free-to-play game on mobile has soared in popularity thanks to Twitch streamers enjoying the game with friends and strangers alike.

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Avid fans of Among Us might want to support the indie development and publishing team behind the game – Innersloth. The best way to do this is to purchase the game on Steam, or, for mobile gamers, consider investing in some DLC. Innersloth has designed multiple DLC bundles, offering players customization options to help make their crewmates stand out. But, best of all, players can purchase companionship in the form of pets. Sometimes adorable, sometimes creepy, these pets are the only thing on the ship you can trust and can give crewmates an unexpected advantage…

Updated November 8, 2023, by Will Quick: Following its explosion in popularity a few years ago, Among Us continues to truck along with new updates and content being introduced as the devs try to come up with ways to improve and expand the game. The most well-received are, unsurprisingly, cosmetic items, as there is a lot of simple and pure amusement to be had in outfitting your little space men with a variety of accessories. Even more enjoyable is the number of Pets that you can get from the Cosmicubes to partner up with your astronaut. Although they don’t do anything in terms of gameplay, they add a lot of charm to the experience, and these are among the best ones you can have at your side.

16 Glitch Pet

Official Twitch logo, perfect for use while streaming

Among Us Orange Crewmate With Glitch

One of the newest pets to appear in Among Us, pretty much anyone even remotely familiar with gaming will figure out where the Glitch Pet comes from. Of course, it’s the official Twitch logo.

It’s this fact alone that has convinced most people that the Glitch Pet is already one of the best pets in Among Us. However, there’s a new pet arriving on the scene that will give the Glitch Pet a run for its money…

15 Clank Pet

Ratchet & Clank fans rejoice: you can bring the mascot with you

Among Us Ejected Crewmate With Clank

With the impending release of Among Us on PlayStation consoles, the two brands have decided to collaborate in the smartest way possible. Not only is a Ratchet costume slated to appear in the game… but it will also be accompanied by a Clank Pet as well!

Even without first-hand experience, most players are already convinced that the Clank Pet will become one of the many memorable pets in Among Us. Pairing this off with Ratchet’s costume is bound to be an exciting experience for many PlayStation fans, especially with the rave reviews that Rift Apart has been receiving since its release.

14 Heimerdinger’s Poro

League of Legends meets Among Us in the most adorable crossover

Among Us Red Crewmate With Heimerdinger's Poro

League Of Legends is so big that pieces of it have made their way into other media, including games like Among Us. By messing with the Arcane Cosmicube, you can reach into that game’s universe to pull in Heimerdinger’s Poro to your side.

These adorable little creatures have multiple forms, but this one is one of the more recognizable and adorable. It’s like a cross between a goat and the tribbles from Star Trek in that it’s a fuzzy ball with horns and hooves. It trots and bounces merrily alongside you until something bad happens, and it starts shaking so much that you’ll want to jump into the game to hug it.

13 Squig

What a strange little creature

Among Us Cyan Crewmate With Squig

Among Us is a terrifying game at the best of times. When even the developers say that they have ‘no idea what they are,’ the Squig is cause for concern. This horrifying… thing can be found in the Bedcrab Pet Bundle if players have an affinity for its strange tentacles and round, orange head.

If the player is murdered by the impostor, the Squig will simply lie down on the floor, resting its tentacles like an abandoned banana peel on the sidewalk. The Squig almost seems grateful for the rest, which just goes to show how little it cares for the crewmates.

12 Henry

You can’t go wrong with a brave little stick man by your side

Among Us Grey Crewmate With Henry

On 7th August 2020, Innersloth launched The Henry Stickmin Collection. This series is a revitalized version of the choose-your-own-path classic, created by PuffballsUnited. On the 7th of June 2019, Innersloth launched Henry and Ellie Pets, two characters from the original games. Henry is the main protagonist and the villain (or, as some might say, anti-hero) of the Henry Stickmin series.

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This unlucky thief has somehow got himself stranded in space with the crewmates and will accompany the players on their tasks. During the death animation, the screaming Henry Stickmin is given a character with raised eyebrows, which adds some stereotypical comedy to a tragic scene.

11 Robot

This Wall-E inspired robot wants to save outer space

Among Us Purple Crewmate With Robot

The Mini Crewmate Bundle offers players a Wall-E-inspired robotic friend to take with them on their space missions. The robot will gaze up lovingly at the player, diligently following their path as they run around the map, completing tasks.

Whilst the robot pet might have more character than the UFO whilst the player is alive, once the player is killed, the robot will just slowly blink its yellow eyes at the scene of the crime. The UFO’s lights change to blue to indicate crying, which has much more of an emotional punch.

10 Bedcrab

A Lovecraftian nightmare has joined the crew

Among Us Green Crewmate With Bedcrab

The Bedcrab can be found alongside the Squig in the Bedcrab Pet Bundle. Whilst slightly better than the Squig, the Brown Bedcrab is still a horrifying creature that crawls along the ground next to the crewmates and offers no personality or emotion when the player is killed.

With its threatening claws, more reminiscent of a creepy spider than a crab, this DLC offers fewer adorable pets and more Lovecraftian nightmares to join players on their mission.

9 Magmate

Looks uncannily like Slugma’s distant cousin

Among Us Red Crewmate With Magmate

Pets are so common in games that it’s becoming a challenge to come up with original designs without them ending up looking like Pokemon. Among Us does a pretty good job introducing some creative creatures, but one that looks like it could be Slugma’s cousin appears as Magmate via the Polus Cosmicube.

This is a piece of magma (or perhaps lava) that has come to life and wants to keep you warm with its companionship. It slithers to keep up with you while wearing a huge smile on its face. However, being a blob, it’s also quite expressive by lurching sharply back when scared and melting into a frowning puddle when it gets sad.

8 Mini Crewmate

Just look at how cute your mini-me is

Among Us Yellow Crewmate With Mini Crewmate

The Mini Crewmate DLC is named after this pair of crewmate children. Whilst they might not be able to do anything to help the player (which is good because it would be a ridiculously unfair advantage), these two ‘mini you’s’ have stolen the hearts of players worldwide. What players particularly like about this ‘pet’ is that they change color depending on their skin color.

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It helps to foster a relationship between crewmate and pet, which players don’t get with any other option available. Plus, when the crewmate is killed by the impostor, the children just sit, sticking their legs out, waiting for their parents to come home. Protecting their innocence from the horrors of the impostor’s crimes is almost more important than finishing tasks. Almost.


Your UFO buddy will mourn your death should you be killed or ejected

Among Us Orange Crewmate With UFO

The UFO is part of the Brainslug Pet Bundle, available on Steam and the Among Us customization store. The colorful lights and the ominous way the UFO follows players around add some visual interest to the spaceship. The friendly flashing lights surrounding the circular base of the UFO don’t usually mean anything to players, but during the kill animation, the lights will flash a scared red.

When mourning, the UFO will slowly flash blue lights, seemingly weeping next to the spot where the players were murdered. It’s nice to imagine the UFO trying to communicate with the crewmate in a strange language. Unfortunately, the UFO doesn’t have much else to offer players in terms of companionship, and the relentless hovering can feel more like a constant threat after a while.

6 Ellie

The only major female character in the Henry Stickmin series

Among Us Grey Crewmate With Ellie

Ellie Rose is the only major female character in the Henry Stickmin series. She first meets Henry Stickmin at The Wall, where she is held captive for unknown reasons. Among Us, players can have a miniature Ellie follow them around.

Her distraught reaction to seeing her crewmate bloodily murdered in front of her has become a meme in the Among Us community. She is so loyal to her crewmate that she will dramatically flop to the floor, almost like she’s questioning the meaning of life.

5 Pusheen

Cute kitty, you can’t pass them up. Meow

Among Us Red Crewmate With Pusheen

With all the different cats on the internet, it’s hard to know which one stands out the most, but Pusheen would be a top contender. This round and soft tabby is known for being super happy in its non-stop bouncing animations but has still found time to make it into Among Us through its own Cosmicube.

Much like in the gifs, Pusheen will constantly bounce, whether standing still or chasing after you. Even though you and your crewmates are caught in a dire situation, it’s hard not to smile at this joyful cat keeping its energy up. It gets even better when you pet it, and it turns into a content fluffy bundle on the ground.

4 Brainslug

It may only have one eye, but it also has one big heart

Among Us Red Crewmate With Brainslug

Like the UFO, the Brainslug is part of the Brainslug Pet Bundle. Sadly, only one pet can be equipped at a time, meaning that the Brainslug has to leave its comfortable UFO home to accompany the crewmates doing their tasks.

However, the Brainslug’s reaction when the player is murdered by the Impostor is so gut-wrenchingly sad, it implies that the Brainslug is more than happy to just be spending time with their favorite crewmate. That is, of course, until they have to guard their corpse from electricity as the Impostor escapes through the vents.

3 Dog

Bring the best boy along for your adventures

Among Us Green Crewmate With Dog

A one-eyed puppy? You shouldn’t have! This bright cyan dog is a favorite of many Among Us fans, and for good reason. This dog’s single eye is full of so much love for the player, that it’s sadder to leave it behind than it is when players are killed by an impostor.

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It’s worth mentioning that many of the pets, including the dog, give the crewmates a slight advantage. Whilst the main purpose of the DLC pet bundles is to offer players a cosmetic upgrade, the remaining pets will stay at the location of death when the bodies disappear after an emergency meeting is called. This has the unintended side effect of making it harder for the impostor to lie about where the body was found.

2 Breb

As cute as it is tasty

Among Us Red Crewmate With Breb

Bread is something many of us see almost every day, and there have even been entire games revolving around bread. The fact that a bread loaf can have such a rounded and pleasing shape makes it the ideal basis for animated characters like Breb in Among Us, freshly served from the Feast Cosmicube.

You won’t regret taking this lively baked buddy with you as you explore the map as a crewmate or an impostor. It has all the charm of a dog or cat with the caloric benefits of freshly baked bread as it leaps after you and transforms into an inconspicuous loaf of bread while waiting for the action to happen.

1 Hamster

Watch as he adorably rolls around in his hamster wheel

Among Us White Crewmate With Hamster

Your best buddy in a little ball, the Hamster, is one of the most popular pets found in Among Us. If you purchase the Hamster Pet Bundle, this adorable Hamster pet will join them on their spaceship journeys. The Hamster’s reaction when the player is killed is also hilarious and traumatic for the poor creature. It loses points for the simple fact there’s no rolling animation for the ball.

For those wanting to celebrate Halloween in style, players can dress up as the classic comedy duo ‘Cat and Mouse.’ Innersloth added a Black Cat Hat to the game, free for all players who play the game in October. Pair the Cat Hat with the black skin, and this DLC and players will be good to go.

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