The Talos Principle 2: How to solve entanglements

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Without some sort of guidance, The Talos Principle 2 will have you running around in a loop for many of its puzzles. Some things that seem so simple can be far more complicated and time-consuming than you would expect. This is a common practice among some of the best-developed puzzle games, as it really forces players to activate cognitive functions they never knew they had.

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Puzzles like “Alternatives” required players to manage many lasers, while “Alternative Option” required players to solve a puzzle by lifting an RGB converter with a fan. The skills learned from these puzzles are necessary if players ever hope to do so Solving entanglements.

Convoluted – Taking the RGB converter to the other room

Talos Principle 2 Entangled RGB Converter Setup in Room 2

In the first room of this puzzle you will find one Barrier by a green sun. To the right of this green sun is a button on the ground – you will find one connector near this button. Take the plug and put it on the button Lower the barrier next to the button. Go into the room behind this barrier and Get the RGB converter. Bring it into the room with the connector. Pick up the connector again and head in that direction opposite the button You put it on it. This will take you to another button in the same room. Stand at the front End of button so the barrier in front of it falls. The space behind this barrier has one red laser. Use the connector to select this red laser and then select “Connect” so that the laser connector starts to glow red.

Go back to the RGB converter and use it Select the connector, green sun and blue laser behind the barrier leading to the room where you picked up the RGB port. Hold the RGB converter over the button and select “Connect” to make it work is placed on the button so that it can Receive the light from the blue laser. If you fail to place it on the button, the barrier will block the laser – and you’ll have to try again. Go beyond the barrier next to the green sun and you will find one hexahedron. Replace the RGB converter with the hexahedron. Get the RGB converter and use it to do that Select the connector and the red laserthen go to the room where you found the RGB port and Choose the blue laser and green sun. Place the RGB converter to accommodate it Just see the connector around the corner.

Short Summary

  • Start in room 1.
  • Pick up the connector.
  • Place the connector on Button 1 near Barrier 1.
  • Get the RGB converter in room 2.
  • Use the connector to select the red laser and place it on button 2.
  • Use the RGB converter to select the connector, the blue laser in room 2 and the green sun 1.
  • Bring the hexahedron to room 1.
  • Replace hexahedron with RGB converter.
  • Use RGB conversion to select the connector, red laser, blue laser and Green Sun 2.

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Entangled – Connect to the floating RGB converter

Talos Principle 2 Entangled Floating RGB Converter

Take the hexahedron and place it next to the button. Then go back and Pick up the plug while maintaining all connections. Place the plug on the button The hexahedron was depicted on it. Pick up the hexahedron and go into the room with the RGB converter. Place the hexahedron about the fan in this room. Pick up the RGB converter (while All current connections are retained) and place it on top of the hexahedron. Go back outside and pick up the connector keep all his connections. Bring it back to the other button and Place it on the button by selecting “Connect.” Move on to the remaining button and stand on it.

This causes the fan to run Activate and push the hexahedron into the air with the RGB converter above it. Once the RGB converter is in the air, take the plug and head in that direction versus the floating RGB port. You will see one green sun next to a barrier on the other side of the room. Use the connector to Select the green sun and the RGB converter. This lowers the barrier next to this green sun. Beyond this barrier is the Wheel of Progress.

Short Summary

  • Place the hexahedron on button 1.
  • Place the connector on button 2.
  • Place the hexahedron over the fan in room 2.
  • Place the RGB converter on the hexahedron.
  • Move the connector from button 1 to button 2.
  • Stand on button 1 and wait for the RGB converter to rise into the air.
  • Take the connector to the other side of room 1.
  • Use Connector to select RGB converter and Green Sun 3.

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