The Talos Principle 2: Prometheus Sparks Explained

The Talos Principle 2 has many puzzles, some more mind-bending than others. The game may start with easier puzzles like those found in the tutorial, but as the game progresses things become more and more difficult. Some of the best puzzle games have numerous mechanics that make things even more difficult towards the end.

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You may be completely stumped and just want the puzzle to be solved. Luckily, there’s a feature in the game that lets you skip puzzles that you’ve had enough of so you can try the next one. This comes in the form of Prometheus Sparks.

What are Prometheus Sparks?

Talos Principle 2 Prometheus Spark Research

Prometheus Sparks is a form of Collectible and resource that the game will offer something to the players. You can spend these Prometheus sparks on it Skip all puzzles that you don’t want to deal with – for example, those that you find increasingly annoying The longer you try to figure it out. You can Increase the number of these sparks In two ways. The first is Find them in specific locations, scattered at various points throughout the game. The other option is for you to do this Earn them as some kind of reward to solve certain puzzles.

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How to spend Prometheus Sparks

Talos Principle 2 Prometheus Spark Spending

You find one orange handprint with flames above it while in Puzzle Rooms. These are Prometheus terminals. As long as you have a Prometheus Spark available, you can interact with one of these Prometheus terminals Skip the puzzle you are currently in. If you wish you hadn’t used Spark, you can get it back Solve the puzzle you used it on. That’s an incentive Back to the puzzle to try again.

When should you use Prometheus Sparks?

Talos Principle 2 Monument Puzzle

There is a finite number of these sparksTherefore, it is not advisable to burn through them. If you plan on not reading any guides or walkthroughs at all, you should Hold on to them until you get close to the end of the game to complete it – and avoid spending it on early puzzles like Castling or Alternative Option. Fortunately, we live in a time where all sorts of guides are made available to players.

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