There are two parts of the turkey that everyone throws away, but you shouldn’t because the second is “the tastiest,” according to chefs.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many hosts and home cooks are brainstorming menu ideas to wow their guests.

Some chefs have shared one of their favorite dishes that many people overlook.

If you want to spice up your Thanksgiving menu this year, try cooking the giblets


If you want to spice up your Thanksgiving menu this year, try cooking the gibletsPhoto credit: Getty

Anyone who has ever brought home a turkey from the market has probably noticed that inside its cavity is a paper bag filled with pieces of meat.

These leftovers are called turkey giblets, and although many people simply throw them away with a gag, you might want to think twice.

The giblets—the organs of a turkey that typically consist of the heart, liver, gizzards, and neck—are full of flavor and require no special preparation before cooking.


In conversation with The Huffington Post, Chef Rodney Freidank of Table 301 in Greenville, South Carolina, said his job was to “throw the giblets into the roasting pan with the turkey and vegetables and cook them.”

giblet sauce

Chef Janet Bourbonsenior strategic chef at Cargill Protein, enjoys making giblet gravy and shared her recipe with the publication.

“[Put the] “Put the neck and wing tips in a pot with half an onion, carrots and some celery, cover with water, bring to a boil and then simmer for 2-3 hours,” she began.

After they are thoroughly cooked, strain out the solid bits and reserve the liquid for the sauce.

“It will be decadent and full of flavor,” she said.

If you want an extra kick, she recommended “roughly chopping the gizzard, liver, and heart and sautéing them in butter until browned” before adding the mixture to your sauce.

“Absolutely perfect for vacation.”


One of the fan favorite Thanksgiving side dishes is stuffing, and you can make it even tastier with these innards.

For a deeper taste, Chef Nicholas Stefanelli At The Morrow in Washington, D.C., the heart, liver, and gizzards are often cooked before being added to the filling with roasted chestnuts.


If you want to add some variety to your leftovers, add the offal to a bolognese and enjoy the days after Thanksgiving.

Cook Alex Chen at Wild Blue Restaurant & Bar in British Columbia, Canada, said to “treat the offal meat like ground beef.”

“It is delicious.”


Some chefs and meat connoisseurs said that aside from the giblets, there’s another mouth-watering part of the turkey: the turkey butt.

Jonathan ReismanA doctor who created a dinner series focused on eating parts of animals that are normally thrown away said it was his favorite part of the animal.

While “the big lump of fat at the end of the tail,” as he explained it, is usually sold separately, it’s worth buying.

He likes to smoke it.

“I think this is the most delicious bite of the whole turkey.”

Chef Luffy Sulaiman at the Hilton Americas-Houston agrees.

“Turkey tail offers a delicious meat-to-fat ratio and is great for smoking or roasting with a flavorful glaze like honey chipotle,” she enthused.

In addition to the giblets, some foodies agreed that the tail of the turkey is one of the tastiest parts


In addition to the giblets, some foodies agreed that the tail of the turkey is one of the tastiest partsPhoto credit: Getty

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