Today’s Octordle Answers (November 2023)

If you’re looking for a real word game challenge, try your luck with Octordle. This game is one of the most difficult Wordle puzzles as you have to guess eight words in just 13 tries! And there’s another catch: you have no clues that could help you.

If you need help today Octordel Answers, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve solved today’s puzzle and put all the answers in one place so you can keep your winning streak going – even on those days when the game is too difficult to complete alone!

Spoiler alert: Today’s Octordle answers are listed below. Don’t click the link to view the words if you don’t want to see the answers for today.

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The Octordle Words of the Day for November 14, 2023 are: EXPEL, ADOPT, BLINK, OFFER, THORN, URBAN, SEVER, STERN

Previous Octordle answers

The following list contains previous answers for the daily Octordle puzzle in case you missed them.

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November 2023

  • Octordel 658 (November 13) – HEART, MUDDY, SAPPY, FORTE, VOMIT, PESTO, AHEAD, IDYLL
  • Octordle 657 (November 12) – STICKER, BUGLE, ENTER, SHUCK, GOOEY, SPORT, CRANE, EYING
  • Octordel 656 (November 11) – ANNUL, CRANK, PATIO, PRIOR, SCANT, FAULT, WHALE, PASTA
  • Octordel 655 (November 10) – HEDGE, MINTY, FLOCK, CATTY, AGENT, YOUTH, AGREE, CACHE
  • Octordel 654 (November 9th) – EVERY, QUIRK, SNORT, ELATE, HUNKY, LEASH, HONOR, STEED
  • Octordel 653 (November 8th) – DUSTY, USEFUL, DRYER, EXTENDED, GRASP, SULKY, HASTY, FORGE
  • Octordel 652 (November 7th) – Conscious, pretend, meant, first, stall, frond, stoop, hut
  • Octordel 651 (November 6th) – DRUNK, DAILY, BACON, AUGUR, ENDOW, BEVEL, TRUST, TRAMP
  • Octordle 650 (November 5th) – REMIT, ECLAT, VIRAL, CRIER, FLOOD, RISKY, VERSO, SORRY
  • Octordel 649 (November 4th) – VAUNT, CABLE, INERT, PIPER, IDLER, VAPOR, LEARN, SCOUT
  • Octordel 648 (November 3rd) – FOLIO, LODGE, LEAF, supple, EATEN, ANGRY, HORRIFY, CHAIR
  • Octordel 647 (November 2nd) – SCALE, TREND, CROCK, TABOO, TRITE, PREEN, NASAL, FETCH
  • Octordel 646 (November 1st) – WHILE, FUSSY, SMOKE, KORN, ODDER, DINGY, LATHE, HAZEL

Octordle tips and tricks

If you need help approaching everyday Octordle play in general, check out these tips that can make guessing words a little easier:

  • Use words with several vowels as your first guesses (such as AUDIO) to eliminate or confirm five of the most commonly used letters in the English language.
  • Octordle answers are often words that are not that common. If you need more ideas, Grab a thesaurus and try out some more advanced synonyms.
  • Try one of many Online tools that can narrow your word search based on the first and last letter or word length.
  • Check out previous Octordle answers to get a better idea of ​​what types of words are generally used in this complex puzzle.

If you want to test your brain power in similar games, try some of the best word games like Wordle and put your rich vocabulary to the test!

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