Top tips for beginners for the Lamplighters League

The Lamplighters League follows the formula of games like X-Com and Phoenix Point by combining tactical squad gameplay with a more sophisticated level of strategy where you must manage your team’s progress and the growing threat of your enemy.

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At the tactical level you are continually outnumbered and outnumbered, while the doomsday clocks of the strategy level can only be slowed down and never stopped. If one side of the gameplay balance is shaken, the risk of losing the other side and causing a multi-hour campaign to collapse under you increases. Here are some tips to prevent that.

Prioritize recruitment over the main task

Research tree for Madame Mei, which improves your agents' mental stats and card strength

Recruiting recruits comes at a high cost: the missions to recruit new allies and agents Pull them away from missions to advance the conspiracy and slow down the Court’s plans. Still, it’s almost like that It’s always worth doing these recruitment missions how they appear.

By increasing team strength, you can make up for losses by taking on difficult missions and fighting the Scions directly.

There is a limit to the number of agents you can take with you on a mission, which makes the passive benefits that allies provide much more enticing. Ally upgrades also have a longer lifespanThis allows for continued use even if a specific agent is captured or killed.

If possible, Save Danys, the armorer, as quickly as possible to unlock upgrades for your weapons and armor.

The The primary upgrade you can get from him early or mid-game is upgrading your agents’ carrying capacity. From there, you can progress through one of his three upgrade trees, focusing on the one that buffs your favorite agent.

Once you have all the allies, it’s still worth getting additional agents at every opportunity. In addition to the agents brought on a mission, each surplus can be tasked with recreational activities such as finding quest leads, etc collect passive income.

Choose your enemies

The banners of the three factions in the League of Lamplighters

All three opposing factions must be defeated by the end of the game, and you don’t have the luxury of vetoing a faction you’re fighting on the tactical level. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any Advantages of allowing the balance to shift between the three houses.

If you find that a faction poses a greater threat, for example because its unique units provide a strong counter to your preferred playstyle, At the start of the game, focus your efforts on limiting their expansion.

  • Strum and his mummy elites do an excellent job Punish slow play styles by summoning, healing and reviving units. They are immune to fire damage and weak to poison.
  • Nicastro’s sea creatures have more severe stress damage than the other houses. They are immune to poison but weak to shock.
  • Marteau’s ghosts and zombies can Teleport past or swarm over surveillance traps. They are immune to shock but weak to fire.

If your A team performs poorly against any of the three teams, make it a point to prevent them from getting their first and second upgrades. A simple check is to look at what elemental damage abilities they have: The Alexandrite’s fire attacks will bounce off Strum’s unitswhile Celestine’s poison and stress strategy will struggle against Nicastro.

The unique units of each home are revealed and improved as their doomsday clocks advance. Limiting their growth means they have more generic units that lack the immunities and special abilities of their faction.

The easiest way to do this is to attack their offspring periodically. Challenging these stubborn boss fights is a challenge, and There is a risk of injury. especially in the early game.

You will be richly rewarded for your effort reset their doomsday clocks and get some bonus resources to further your research.

For complete information, combine sneaking with recon mode

Lamplighters League: A heavily armored air purifier on patrol

The real-time stealth sections can present a dilemma about how best to deal with them. Your best stealth units, The Sneaks are the most fragile in combat. You want to keep these units at the forefront when sneaking, but if something goes wrong they’ll be completely out of position at the start of the fight. The best approach changes depending on the enemy arrangement:

  • If there are isolated targets that the Lurker can take out, you want to do that Keep the rest of your team away So that no one is caught by search parties when the body is found.
  • If the assassinations you are conducting are riskier, you will want to involve your team They can help when it comes to turn-based combat.

Reconnaissance mode pauses the game while still giving you full access to all the information currently available to you. If you position a sneak near an enemy group and then switch to recon mode, you’ll have plenty of time to understand the map layout, enemy composition, and any environmental factors you can use as a weapon.

Because time has stopped, It will not give you an understanding of patrol patterns So make sure you scout twice in both real-time and recon modes.

Reconnaissance mode also allows you to examine enemies in detail, gaining a better understanding of their capabilities. Keep an eye out for faction elites that are immune to stealth eliminations, but also for specific abilities that might counteract other playstyles: Marteau Purifiers explode on death, for example.

Killing them with a melee attack will set you on fire unless you can move away immediately after the attack. Strum Mummies can revive themselves if not executedwhich means you always have to save an action point and can’t rely on effects that activate when you do a finishing blow.

All elite factions and Scions are immune to stealth attacks. If you attempt to use one against them, you will be punished for the attempt and combat will begin, with your party most likely out of position.

Position your units carefully in secret

There is a rock-paper-scissors ratio for stealth kills during the real-time portion of the game.

  • There are too many isolated enemies to defeat with the limited ability charges of a Brawler or Saboteur. Your sneaks can deal with them more reliably because they have more takedown loads or Avoid them completely by taking advantage of their improved stealth.
  • Patrols often consist of small groups, but have positions in their movement patterns that leave them on the edge of an enemy stronghold. Your thugs can attack a group of up to three players after waiting for them to get as far away from their allies as possible.
  • Anti-sneak enemies such as Sentry Soldiers (with the yellow eye symbol and 360-degree vision) and Sentinels (who emit radar pulses) have special mechanisms to lure you out of stealth. A Saboteur’s Shock Mine is the most reliable way to incapacitate him, as both other options work at melee range. Since the shock mine is more likely to attract the attention of other guards, make sure you are either ready to fight or flee if you throw a mine.

Once turn-based combat begins, the focus shifts from these roles to each agent’s unique abilities. Characters who play the same in stealth mode will have completely different playstyles once their cover is blown.

Take advantage of AP refund options

Assassin Celestine's skill tree focuses on her Occult Gambit ability, which converts sanity into bonus actions

In almost all battles in the game, you are outnumbered. To even the odds, you have to do it Stacking abilities that allow for additional actions to your smaller but stronger team.

Ingrid is a good example of this: her melee attacks are incredibly precise and return action points when she lands a killing blow.

By using characters with build-up abilities and area attacks, she can string together takedowns.

Celestine, on the other hand, can generate infinite AP when fully leveled and with the right equipment combination. Your occult ritual generates action points at the cost of sanity. but she regains her sanity when she performs a finisher (which also resets her signature ability!).

Equipping her with equipment to reduce the stress damage she takes will allow you to chain attacks indefinitely.

Both melee characters blend well with the features they offer even more AP to play with, such as the Trauma Battery accessory. This gives your melee attacks a quarter chance to refund an AP, including attacks that didn’t cost AP to use. Since these characters perform numerous attacks, there is a high chance that the battery will be activated.

It’s Eddie, the launch saboteur Ideal for combos with other characters. His ability, “Light ’em up,” deals minor damage to many targets, tagging them and forcing them to leave cover. Characters like Purnima can exploit this even further She regains AP when she attacks a marked target.

Use consumables without restrictions

Lamplighters League: Ingrid prepares to throw a grenade at a group of farm thugs

There is no mechanism to sell your excess suppliesand most missions provide more than you can bring back: so there’s no benefit in sitting on your consumables and waiting for the perfect time to use them.

Simple items like bandages that you should use proactively to prevent injuries, Elemental items such as fire and poison bottles can be used to trigger environmental trapsand explosives have perfect accuracy if your weapons are unreliable.

This can also save you some of your limited stealth skills: When there is only one group of enemies left, a grenade and a single round of turn-based combat saves you from using a Bruiser’s charge attack.

Using your consumables frequently and keeping an eye out for replacements will also help you with looting. The same visual indicators are used for consumables as for valuable loot that improves your meta progress.

Especially in the early game Your main source of resources is finding them in missions.

Danys offers accessories that allow most consumables to get their action points back. The Bombardier’s Gun does this for grenades and is on the same upgrade path as unlocking his more powerful explosives.

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