What is Find the 4th Object Quiz on TikTok?

THE Find the 4th Object quiz went viral on TikTok, leaving many people stunned.

Here’s everything you need to know about the devilishly difficult quiz.

An example of the viral game Find the Fourth Object.


An example of the viral game Find the Fourth Object.Photo credit: Knowyourmeme

What is Find the Fourth Object Quiz?

Find the 4th Object Quiz is a new game making the rounds on social media.

The game requires you to find four objects in a drawing, in the vein of Where’s Walter?

Three of the objects are easy to spot, although common items like the “Egg” can be disguised as a nose or an eye.

But the fourth object, known as the Crutch, is carefully hidden – leading some players to wonder if it’s even there.

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The game seems to have been inspired by social media ads trying to convince people that there was a hidden object in an image – and that clicking a link would reveal where.

How to take Find the 4th Object Quiz on TikTok?

Find the fourth object quiz is actually a prank – the fourth object is harder to find because it’s not there.

A popular version shows a row of three toilets with a man standing in front of the left one, a woman standing in front of the middle one, and a woman sitting on the right.

Players are told that there is an egg, glove, envelope and crutch hidden in the picture.

The egg is the man’s nose, the envelope is a cracked wall tile, and the glove is tucked into the standing woman’s skirt – but the crutch is nowhere to be seen.

Some readers, noticing the woman standing like a man on the toilet at the front, suspect crude humor at play.

Angry influencer Lyss said: “Why are people so excited about this? This isn’t even a situation Waldo is in.

“It’s more to make you recognize all these other weird things going on in the picture when you can’t even find the thing in the picture that you like.

“It’s all just a big distraction. Nobody found the damn crutch.

“The crutch is in your hand, b***h — the crutch is your phone, you’re looking at the screen instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Another version of the game features a man pulling aside the bedroom blinds to peek through the window while his wife waits in bed.

This time we’re supposed to find a book and a pillow – both prominent and undisguised – and another egg, this time disguised as an eye.

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The fourth object is a cup, which is again missing from the drawing.

Many TikTok influencers have promoted the time-consuming game to drive engagement with their “content,” often claiming to know the fourth object’s location.

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